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Accessible train travel

Services for accessible travel

This page contains information about assistance available at railway stations, taking assistive devices on trains, accessibility of trains and measures in disruptions.

You can call our customer service for accessible travel with issues related on accessible travel services and the assistance services available at stations. Calling is toll free.

Planning an accessible train trip

Ticket vending machines

Ticket vending machines can be found at most railway stations. You can buy the most common train tickets and assistant’s tickets from a ticket vending machine.

The display, payment terminal and ticket printer of the ticket vending machine are located at a height of 80–120 cm. There is a button at the lower edge of the screen for shifting the screen display down.

Particularly those with impaired vision have been taken into consideration in the design of the ticket vending machine display, font size and display contrasts. The ticket vending machine confirms successful display choices with sound signals.

Ticket offices

The following stations have a ticket office:

Most stations are not staffed and the service hours of the ticket office are limited.

The assistance service is available for passengers such as elderly passengers, individuals who use a wheelchair and individuals with impaired vision or hearing. Assistance is also available for disabled individuals as well as, for example, individuals on the autism spectrum and individuals with a memory disorder. The assistance service is free of charge.

Be realistic with regard to your own need for help if you cannot get on or off the train by yourself. No assistive devices are available at the stations.

You can order assistance service at the following stations

Espoo, Helsinki, Hyvinkää, Hämeenlinna, Iisalmi, Imatra, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Järvenpää, Kajaani, Karjaa, Kemi, Kemijärvi, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Kokkola, Kolari, Kouvola, Kuopio, Kupittaa, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Leppävaara, Mikkeli, Oulu, Pasila, Pieksämäki, Pori, Riihimäki, Rovaniemi, Salo, Seinäjoki, Tampere, Tikkurila, Turku, Vaasa, Ylivieska 


How to order assistance service?

  • Call VR’s customer support for accessible travel, tel. 0800 188 822 (free of charge) or visit the VR service point of a railway station.
  • The assistance service should be booked 36 hours before the departure time of the train.
  • Once your reservation is in order, you will receive an SMS confirmation of it approximately 1–2 hours after placing the reservation. 

When making a reservation, please provide the following information
  • Travel date
  • Journey
  • Train numbers and departure times
  • Car and seat numbers
  • What kind of assistance you require
  • Will there be mobility assistance devices with you, such as a wheelchair, walker
  • Other luggage
  • Your contact details 

This is how the service works

  • Arrive at the rendezvous point of the station 20 minutes before the train departure time at the latest. You can recognise the rendezvous point at the station from the image attached.
  • Your assistant will be a security officer or a taxi driver. You will recognise your assistant by the yellow high-visibility vest.
  • Please note that for security reasons, the assistant cannot lift the customer to or from a wheelchair.
  • If you cannot find the assistant you ordered at the station, please call our customer support (0100 3232 (0,06 €/min 0,06 €/min + lnc/mcc, Mon-Fri 5 am – 10 pm and Sat-Sun 7 am - 10 pm)).

Assistance in boarding the train
  • The assistant will help you all the way to your seat when your journey begins at the departure station of the train.
  • The assistant will help you to your car if your journey begins at another station. 
Assistance in a change of train
  • The assistant will pick you up from your seat or in front of the car, as agreed.
  • The assistant will escort you to the right car at an intermediate station and to your seat at the train departure station.
Assistance in getting off the train
  • The assistant will pick you up from your seat at the terminal station of the train.
  • At other stations, the assistant will pick you up from your car.
  • At the station, you will be escorted to the assistance point or a connection close to the station, such as a taxi station or bus stop. 


Changes in the travel plan?

If your plans are changed or your trip is cancelled, please report it by calling our customer support (0100 3232 (0,06 €/min 0,06 €/min + lnc/mcc, Mon-Fri 5 am – 10 pm and Sat-Sun 7 am - 10 pm)) or by visiting the VR service point. Please report any changes as soon as possible, preferably a minimum of 12 hours before the trip.

Not all Z and R trains have conductors. If you use a wheelchair, you can order ramp service for the stations of Z and R trains:

Ainola, Haarajoki, Helsinki, Henna, Hyvinkää, Hämeenlinna, Iittala, Jokela, Järvenpää, Kerava, Lahti, Lempäälä, Mäntsälä, Riihimäki, Parola, Pasila, Ryttylä, Saunakallio, Tampere, Tikkurila, Toijala, Turenki, Viiala

The conductor or train driver will help you to get on and off the train by placing a wheelchair ramp between the platform and train to make moving by wheelchair easier. Your assistant can also be the train driver, so please wait for assistance on the platform close to the front end of the train.

Order the service by telephone or e-mail

  • Order assistance by calling the VR customer support for accessible travel 0800 188 822 (free of charge), or by sending e-mail to
  • You can order the service 36 hours before the trip at the earliest and 2 hours before the trip at the latest.
  • The service is free of charge.
  • If your plans are changed or your trip is cancelled, please report it by calling our customer support as soon as possible.
When placing an order, remember to report
  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Travel date
  • Departure time
  • Departure station
  • Destination

Moving on the platform

  • Most railway stations are primarily accessible.
  • Some stations have lifts to make transfers easier.
  • You can check the location of the car in the digital platform sign displays and go to the right sector on the platform.
  • As a rule, the platform areas of stations have a warning line parallel to the tracks. In order to ensure safety, the line should not be crossed before the train has stopped at the platform.
  • Please not that the passenger with disabilities or their personal assistant is always responsible for the disabled passenger boarding the train or getting off the train.
  • Driving a car to the platform is always prohibited.

Boarding and getting off trains

  • You can identify the service car of the train by the wheelchair icon on the car door and wall.
  • The service car of an InterCity train can be entered accessibly by using a wheelchair ramp if the station has a high platform. In this case, the train entrance and platform are on the same level.
  • The conductor of an InterCity train will provide assistance if the station has a low platform and a wheelchair ramp is required for moving.
  • Pendolino trains always feature stairs.
  • The service car on a Pendolino train can be accessed with a wheelchair lift.
  • For safety reasons, only a passenger sitting in a wheelchair can be lifted with the lift.
  • Mobility scooters do not fit into a Pendolino train.
  • The train conductor is always in charge of using the wheelchair ramp and lift. 
  • For safety reasons, VR personnel or ordered assistants cannot lift the customer to or from a wheelchair.
  • When travelling with a wheelchair on a railbus (Dm12), you can only use the wheelchair spaces in the train’s first unit. On the platform, you can move to where the front of the train will stop so that train personnel can notice you more easily and help you board the train.

Detailed information about the train types

Train accessibility details

The accessibility of different types of trains varies. Many trains can also be accessed with a wheelchair or walker, for instance. Read more about our different train types and their services and dimensions.

Read more

Accessibility during the train trip

A guide, aid or hearing dog always travels with you free of charge.

In long-distance traffic, we recommend choosing a seat in the service car. In VR’s commuter traffic, you can travel in any passenger section with a guide, aid or hearing dog.

Guide, aid or hearing dogs on a night train

A guide, aid or hearing dog travels with you free of charge in the sleeping cabin of a night train, including the accessible sleeping cabin.

Guide, aid or hearing dogs on a Allegro train

Guide and assistance dogs travel with you free of charge. You can book any seat for yourself and a guide or assistance dog in the coach with a pet area.

Mobility assistive devices

We transport mobility assistive devices on trains free of charge. Possible mobility assistive devices you can take onto a train include:

  • Conventional wheelchair
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Walker
  • Mobility scooter. However, there is no room for mobility scooters on Pendolino and Allegro trains.

Larger mobility assistive devices, such as a wheelchair, can only be taken onto a train service car and the accessible sleeping compartment of a night train train.

Maximum dimensions for wheelchairs:

  • Width 800 mm
  • Length 1,250 mm
  • Height 1,375 mm
  • Turning circle 1,500 mm

Other than mobility-related assistive devices

Devices other than mobility-related assistive devices for disabled passengers can primarily be taken on board free of charge. The devices must fit in the areas reserved for baggage. If you want to check whether a large assistive device, such as a shower chair, fits in the train’s baggage areas, please contact our customer service. If you want to ensure the availability of space, you can purchase a ticket for our assistive device. On day trains, you can purchase the second wheelchair space in the coach. On night trains, we recommend placing the assistive device in the paid baggage storage space. Assistive devices can also be transported in the wheelchair space as long as they fit in the area safely and do not take up space from the other wheelchair space.

Always make sure in advance that your mobility assistive device fits onto the train.

Unfortunately, electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters cannot be charged on the train.

Medical ventilators and CPAP devices should be connected to a power supply always via a battery because the power output of sockets is not uninterrupted.

The accessible sleeper cabins are suitable for one to two people and are located right next to the entrance door. An accessible sleeper cabin provides a comfortable way to travel and the cabin has two beds. 

  • The cabin has an SOS button, support rails, a wheelchair-anchoring point, a socket and an automated cabin door (width 93.8 cm).
  • Bunk bed (sleeps two), size 200 x 75 cm, with blankets, pillows and bedlinen.
  • A face towel and a sink.
  • Two sockets and free Wi-Fi.
  • The cabin is a comfortable option for travelling with a personal assistant and a guide dog, an assistance dog or a hearing dog. Further information about the personal assistant’s ticket
  • The accessible toilet is located opposite the cabin. 
  • Medical ventilators and CPAP devices should be connected to a power supply always via a battery because the power output of sockets is not uninterrupted.
  • There is storage space for baggage in the cabin (maximum measurements of baggage that can be stored in a cabin are 56 x 50 x 190 cm) and in the train’s baggage car. The conductor will help you take your baggage to the baggage car. Read more about baggage
  • Air conditioning, temperature controller and blackout curtains make travelling pleasant.
  • Berth-specific keycard, with one of the keys waiting for you in the cabin door. 
  • The size of the cabin is 4 m².
  • Unfortunately, the train does not have an accessible shower.
  • Please note that you must bring your own water with you, because the train water is not drinkable and should not be used for brushing teeth.

For families with children: 

  • Children between the ages of 0 and 10 travel on night trains for free when sharing a berth with another passenger. However, travelling will be more comfortable when you book separate beds for bigger children.
  • The cabin usually fits a children’s travel bed, the floor area is at least 75 cm wide. 
  • On the lower-level there is a toilet with child care facilities and a potty.
  • If you need a safety net for a child sleeping on a berth, you can pre-order one free of charge from our customer support. The net can only be installed on a lower berth, and it will be already in place when you board the train.
  • Prams can be taken to the cabin or the baggage car.
  • You can bring children’s food to the restaurant car to be heated.

The restaurant car is always located as close to the service car as possible on trains.

The wheelchair space of a Pendolino restaurant car is accessible from the service car next to it. The train personnel assists in taking food and beverages both to the restaurant car and service car wheelchair space.

The restaurant car of an InterCity train cannot be accessed with a wheelchair, but you can enjoy the products of the restaurant car from a wheelchair space. The train personnel will assist in taking restaurant products both to the wheelchair space and accessible sleeping compartment of a night train.

Wheelchair spaces are licensed for dispensing alcohol only to passengers who are in a wheelchair.

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Pendolino trains

  • Width of the entrance door of the service car 78 cm
  • Width of the inner door of the service car 76 cm
  • Wheelchair lift size 74 x 110 cm
  • Wheelchair lift weight limit 250 kg, including the passenger
  • Width of corridor 61 cm
  • Width of accessible toilet door100 cm
  • Wheelchair space personnel call button and table

InterCity trains

  • Width of accessible entrance door 92 cm
  • Width of the inner door of the service car 89 cm
  • Width of corridor 59 cm
  • Width of accessible toilet door 90 cm
  • Wheelchair ramp weight limit 250 kg, including the passenger

Accessible sleeping compartment on a night train

  • Width of car entrance door 80 cm
  • Width of accessible compartment door 93.8 cm
  • Compartment size 4 m2
  • Bed 200 x 75 cm
  • The compartment features a wheelchair anchoring point and personnel call button


  • Width of entrance door 130 cm
  • Wheelchair lift size 74 x 103 cm
  • Wheelchair lift weight limit 250 kg, including the passenger
  • Width of accessible toilet door 82 cm

Pets are welcome on board

If you use a wheelchair for mobility, your pet can travel with you in the wheelchair space on long-distance trains. The pet charge is €4-8 / pet depending on the length of the journey. On VR’s commuter trains, you can travel with your pet in the separately marked pet section, the pet charge is €0.

Guide, aid or hearing dogs may travel with you on a train without a separate pet charge.

Assistant’s ticket

The assistant of a passenger with reduced mobility or disability is eligible for free travel in long-distance and commuter traffic, including the sleeping berths of night trains.


Rail services updates

You can check all train timetables and any disruptions on the Rail Services Updates page and on the Live Train Map service.


Customer service

Our customer service provides assistance in all matters relating to train travel. Also assistance in sign language on normal business days.

Customer service

Train services for different categories of disabled passengers

Visually impaired

  • The seat numbers of seats on long-distance trains are written in braille.
  • The service car is recommended for travelling with an assistance dog. 
  • High-visibility colours are used in the interior decoration of trains. 
  • Most trains feature an accessible toilet.
  • The access ways and accessible toilets of trains feature support railings and handles. 
  • Most stations are accessible. 
  • You can find the assistance point at the Helsinki railway station with the help of a sound beacon. 
  • There are public announcements on trains and at stations. 

Passengers with reduced mobility

  • The entrances to most trains feature low floors, ramps or wheelchair lifts. 
  • Most trains feature an accessible toilet.
  • Some InterCity trains and all Pendolino trains have call buttons at wheelchair spaces.
  • The sleeping compartments on night trains include accessible sleeping compartments. 
  • When travelling with an assistance dog, we recommend travelling in the service car. 
  • You can also travel in wheelchair spaces with a pet. In this case, you need to pay the normal pet charge for the pet in long distance traffic. 
  • Most stations are accessible.
  • Wheelchair spaces are for sitting in your own wheelchair. If you want a seat, please reserve an ordinary seat. 
  • There are public announcements on trains and at stations.
  • If you use a wheelchair and have a long-distance traffic season ticket, we recommend that you call our customer support number and book a wheelchair space in advance for the train service of your choice. There are a limited number of wheelchair spaces on the trains.
  • The M commuter trains between Tampere and Nokia are unfortunately not accessible by wheel chair. Therefore passengers with wheelchair can travel on the same route on our long-distance trains for the price of a commuter ticket. You have to book your ticket in advance, and can do so by calling our customer service number.

Passengers with reduced hearing

  • The downstairs of service car of Intercity trains feature induction loops (hearing loops).
  • When travelling with a hearing dog, we recommend the service car.
  • There is visual information at stations and on trains. 
  • Journey data is shown on the train displays during the journey.
  • Stations feature digital guide displays.
  • Most stations are accessible. 

Service in disruption situations

Occasionally, unexpected situations may emerge when travelling, interfering with the planned journey. Our website and customer service provide information about planned disruption situations.

Track work

We occasionally need to substitute buses for trains due to track work. 

  • There are no services for accessible travel on buses. 
  • If we know in advance that a bus will be used instead of a train, we will primarily guide you to seek an alternative train service with services for disabled passengers available.
  • If you use a wheelchair and all trains on your time of travel have a replacement bus service, we will arrange transport by accessible taxi for you.

Replacement buses

Disruption situations emerging before and during your journey

If you use a wheelchair, we will arrange transport by accessible taxi for you: 

  • If the replacement bus service is unexpected and it has been possible to buy a wheelchair space on the service. 
  • If you have already purchased a train ticket for a wheelchair space but the train does not have a service car. 
  • If there is a failure in the train during the journey and the replacement train is not accessible. 
  • If the accessible toilet of the train fails.