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Facilities and services

Accessible train travel

Disability services on trains and at stations

This page contains information about assistance available at railway stations, taking assistive devices on trains, accessibility of trains and measures in disruptions.

VR customer support provides more information on accessible travel services and the assistance services available at stations.

Planning an accessible train trip

Detailed information about the train types

Train accessibility details

The accessibility of different types of trains varies. Many trains can also be accessed with a wheelchair or walker, for instance. Read more about our different train types and their services and dimensions.

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Accessibility during the train trip

Pets are welcome on board

If you use a wheelchair for mobility, your pet can travel with you in the wheelchair space on long-distance trains. The pet charge is €5/pet. On VR’s commuter trains, you can travel with your pet in the separately marked pet section, the pet charge is €0.

Guide, aid or hearing dogs may travel with you on a train without a separate pet charge.


Assistant’s ticket

The assistant of a visually impaired passenger or passenger in a wheelchair is eligible for free travel in long-distance and commuter traffic, including the sleeping berths of night trains.


Rail services updates

You can check all train timetables and any disruptions on the Rail Services Updates page and on the Live Train Map service.

Customer service

Customer service

Our customer service provides assistance in all matters relating to train travel. Also assistance in sign language on normal business days.

Train services for different categories of disabled passengers

Visually impaired

  • The seat numbers of seats on long-distance trains are written in braille.
  • The service car is recommended for travelling with an assistance dog. 
  • High-visibility colours are used in the interior decoration of trains. 
  • Most trains feature an accessible toilet.
  • The access ways and accessible toilets of trains feature support railings and handles. 
  • Most stations are accessible. 
  • You can find the assistance point at the Helsinki railway station with the help of a sound beacon. 
  • There are public announcements on trains and at stations. 

Passengers with reduced mobility

  • The entrances to most trains feature low floors, ramps or wheelchair lifts. 
  • Most trains feature an accessible toilet.
  • Some InterCity trains and all Pendolino trains have call buttons at wheelchair spaces.
  • The sleeping compartments on night trains include accessible sleeping compartments. 
  • When travelling with an assistance dog, we recommend travelling in the service car. 
  • You can also travel in wheelchair spaces with a pet. In this case, you need to pay the normal pet charge for the pet in long distance traffic. 
  • Most stations are accessible.
  • Wheelchair spaces are for sitting in your own wheelchair. If you want a seat, please reserve an ordinary seat. 
  • There are public announcements on trains and at stations.
  • If you use a wheelchair and have a long-distance traffic season ticket, we recommend that you call our free customer service number and book a wheelchair space in advance for the train service of your choice. There are a limited number of wheelchair spaces on the trains.

Passengers with reduced hearing

  • The service cars of trains feature induction loops (hearing loops).
  • When travelling with a hearing dog, we recommend the service car.
  • There is visual information at stations and on trains. 
  • Journey data is shown on the train displays during the journey.
  • Stations feature digital guide displays.
  • Most stations are accessible. 

Service in disruption situations

Occasionally, unexpected situations may emerge when travelling, interfering with the planned journey. Our website and customer service provide information about planned disruption situations.

Track work

We occasionally need to substitute buses for trains due to track work. 

  • There are no services for disabled passengers on buses. 
  • If we know in advance that a bus will be used instead of a train, we will guide you to seeking an alternative train services with services for disabled passengers available. 
  • If you use a wheelchair and all trains on your day of travel have a replacement bus service, we will arrange transport by accessible taxi for you. 

Disruption situations emerging before and during your journey

If you use a wheelchair, we will arrange transport by accessible taxi for you: 

  • If the replacement bus service is unexpected and it has been possible to buy a wheelchair space on the service. 
  • If you have already purchased a train ticket for a wheelchair space but the train does not have a service car. 
  • If there is a failure in the train during the journey and the replacement train is not accessible. 
  • If the accessible toilet of the train fails.