Heading towards the summer

A dream summer is full of opportunities.

Summer adventures are now available

On your way to Grandma's, your holiday destination or to the greatest festival summer of all times? Whether your journey is short or long, a train will take you there.

Inexpensive tickets

Explorers’ dream route

Experience four different hiking and trekking destinations along the same train route. Climb the cliffs, admire the magnificent Finnish landscapes and make camp to listen to the sounds of nature.

Get inspired by natural attractions

Recipe for a successful summer holiday trip

What to do in the summer? Finland in the summer offers plenty of opportunities for a memorable holiday. Take every advantage of different destinations – this summery bucket list works everywhere!

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Enjoy audio books and e-books

Entertainment for the journey

We are offering our customers a 60-day trial period to the Nextory audio book and e-book service with a catalogue of thousands of stories. You can read and listen books with your phone or tablet.

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Time together with a loved one

Even a small trip feels refreshing when you get to go on a romantic weekend trip with the person dearest to you. Here are some tips for the top destinations in Finland that can be reached by train.

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5 Finnish resorts for families with children

Domestic travel is a pleasant way to spend time with your children. There are exciting resorts suitable for children everywhere in Finland. Moments spent together on holiday are precious, but they do not need to make a dent in your wallet.

Here are some tips for a family holiday