Kupittaa railway station
  • Ticket vending machine
  • Toilet

Kupittaa railway station

Joukahaisenkatu 6

20520 Turku

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Waiting room opening hours

Mon–Fri 5–23.15

Sat 7–23.15

Sun 7–00.15

Ticket sales

  • Ticket vending machine
  • No VR service point

Services at the station

  • Toilet
  • Car-carrier loading unavailable
  • Luggage lockers unavailable


  • Assistance service at the station
  • Raised platforms, accessible entry onto low-floor train.

Information about the station’s services

Railway line interruption in Turku from 15 Aug 2022

Read more about the changes in train sevices between Turku and Kupittaa here.

Assistance service at the station

The assistance point is located by the taxi stand in front of the station. There is no shelter at the assistance point.

To book assistance service, call VR customer service for accessible travel at 0800 188 822 (free of charge, service hours Mon–Fri 5am–10pm, Sat–Sun 7am–10pm) no later than 24 hours before your departure.

From the station, you could go to...

Explore the numerous destinations near the railway station! Here are a few examples.

Kupittaa Park

In addition to luscious greenery and gardens, Kupittaa Park features a bird park, a children's traffic park, an adventure park, a pavilion restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool and a sports hall.

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Turku Cathedral

Turku Cathedral is located on the banks of the River Aura, 1.5 km from Kupittaa railway station.

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Old Great Square

The Old Great Square, the historic centre of Turku, was an important trading place and administrative centre from the 13th century to early 19th century.

Track work between Turku & Kupittaa

In August 2022, the FTIA will start track work between Turku and Kupittaa stations. During track work, the railway line is shut off between Turku and Kupittaa, and trains to Helsinki arrive and depart from the Kupittaa station instead of Turku. Traffic between Turku and Tampere is running normally.

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See how to conveniently get to and from the station

Map of Kupittaa train station

Here you can see more information about the connections to and from Kupittaa station during trackwork starting 15.8.

Smooth connections from and to the Kupittaa Station

How do I get to the Kupittaa station from the Turku city centre or vice versa? Explore different ways to start or continue your journey from the Kupittaa station. We will provide more information closer to the time of the railway line interruption.

Frequently asked questions about the railway line interruption

If you get insufficient search results, try replacing Turku with Kupittaa.

The trains between Tampere and Turku continue operating as usual.

More information

You can find more information at the FTIA's online service.

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