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Services on trains

What do you need when travelling by train?

Free Wi-Fi
Pendolino and IC trains have power sockets and wireless Wi-Fi (VR-junaverkko).

What would make your journey perfect?

Spend time with your family, work or enjoy good food in the restaurant car.
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Travelling with children

On train trips children can play, and you don't have to stop your travel for meal or toilet breaks.

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Work on the train

More peace and quiet to work in Ekstra class, on the second floor of the restaurant carriage, or in two- or four-person cabins.

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Accessible train travel

Can we help you or your travel companions with any mobility assistance?

Own compartment or an empty seat next to you

Do you want to travel even more comfortably? Now you can book a 2-, 4- or 6-person cabin for yourself or an empty seat next to you.

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Meetings and group journeys

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Use your travel time efficiently by holding a meeting on board. Perhaps you’re travelling as a sports team, school class or some other group for leisure?

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Luggage on trains

Conveniently by train

Do you know your luggage limit on a train? Do you need to store large bags, skis or snowboards during your journey?

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Bikes on trains


4 €

Bikes on trains

You can take a bike with you on nearly all of our trains. On long-distance trains, you must purchase a separate space for your bike, which costs 4-8 € depending on the length of the journey. On commuter trains bikes can be transported for free.

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4 €

Travelling with pets

Pets are welcome on all our trains. Bringing your pet along costs 4-8 € depending on the length of your journey. Read our tips for smoother travel with pets.

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Prams on trains

Prams can be transported for free on all VR’s long-distance and commuter trains.

Cars on trains

Cars on trains

Read our instructions for transporting cars, motorcycles or other motor vehicles by train.

With us, your journey can be even more comfortable.

Restaurant services

Restaurant services

Enjoy refreshments in the restaurant car during your journey.

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Ekstra Class services

Work remotely or enjoy the peacefulness in the Ekstra Class.

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Upstairs in the restaurant car

You can find even more travel comfort and great views upstairs in the restaurant car.

Berths and sleeping cabins

Berths and sleeping cabins

A berth on a night train offers you an atmospheric and ecological travel experience through Finland.