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The most common long-distance train

InterCity trains have the most diverse facilities. We make sure that commuters can use their time efficiently and that travelling with children and pets as easy as possible.

The abbreviation for InterCity trains is IC (e.g. in timetables).

Basic facilities

  • Tasty restaurant services: a restaurant car or sales trolley
  • Free wi-fi (VR-junaverkko)
  • Charge your battery – at least one power socket for every two seats
  • Toilets (incl. accessible toilet and child care facilities on most trains)
  • Comfortable seats with tray tables, reading lights and adjustable backrests
  • Air conditioning on most coaches

Special facilities

  • Ekstra Class for more comfortable travel 
  • Compartments for two or four persons 
  • Facilities for meetings and group travel 
  • Family compartments, children's playroom, space for prams 
  • Wheelchair spaces 
  • Seats for passengers travelling with pets
  • Special facilities are not available on all trains. When searching for trips, select the facilities you need.


  • Unlocked luggage racks and overhead racks
  • Coin return racks for skis and snowboards
  • Space for bikes; please make a booking when buying a ticket (EUR 5/bike)
  • Space for prams on nearly all trains

InterCity train coach map

The InterCity train compositions vary. For example, the location of restaurant services or other facilities can vary depending on the train. You can view the train composition and facilities when purchasing tickets.

Eko Class, pets

In this coach type:


  • Six coin return lockers for baggage


  • Two coin return lockers for baggage
  • Two bicycle spaces
  • 16 seats for passengers travelling with pets
  • Two seats for passengers travelling with a large pet
  • Two-person and four-person compartments on the mezzanine

Coach dimensions:
  • The width of the coach’s outer doors 85 cm
  • The width of the inner doors 72 cm
  • Aisle width 59 cm
  • Overhead rack height 36 cm

Eko Class, pets, upstairs
Eko Class, pets, downstairs
Show downstairs
Show upstairs

Super Train

The IC train 27 travelling from Helsinki to Rovaniemi on Christmas Eve 2016 was nicknamed the Super Train, because it carried an exceptionally large number of passengers. The Super Train was 416 metres long and carried 1,500 passengers up north for Christmas.

Did you know?

The InterCity is a fast train. The maximum speed of InterCity trains is 200 km/h. The InterCity is our most common long-distance train. Its predecessors, the traditional express trains, have mostly been taken out of use.