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Assistant ticket

Free tickets for assistants of disabled passengers

Assistants travel for free

If you have an illness or injury and you need assistance during your journey, you may be eligible for a free assistant’s ticket. The assistant must travel the same leg as the assisted person. The assistant must be over 18 years old. Each passenger can have one assistant travelling for free. A guide, aid or hearing dog always travels with you free of charge.

You can purchase a personal assistant’s ticket while you buy one for the person being assisted. Personal assistant’s tickets can be obtained from, the VR Matkalla app, ticket vending machines, our customer service and our ticket offices.

Ticket for long-distance

You can obtain a free ticket for your assistant when you travel in day or night trains. Children under 4 years old must have a child ticket if they travel with an assistant who is eligible for a free journey.

Assistant's in commuter traffic

You are eligible for a free assistant’s ticket also in VR’s commuter traffic. Assistants do not need a separate assistant’s ticket in VR’s commuter traffic.

Disability services

Information on assistance available at stations, taking assistive devices on trains, accessibility of trains and measures in disruption situations.

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You can prove your right to an assistant’s ticket as follows:

Passengers in a wheelchair do not need any separate certificate for an assistant’s ticket. The assistant of a child aged under 7, travelling in a wheelchair, travels free of charge on board VR’s commuter traffic trains and no certificate is required. In other cases, the right to a free assistant’s ticket is verified in connection with ticket inspection with one of the following certificates: 

  • EU disability card with an A marking 
  • Member card of the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (degree of disability over 65%) 
  • Member card of Näkövammaiset Lapset ry (degree of disability over 65%) 
  • Member card of the Finnish Deafblind Association (degree of disability over 65%) 
  • A medical certificate stating that the degree of disability concerning the visual impairment is at least 65%

When should you travel with an assistant?

Our conductors have been trained to work with passengers who require special support, but they cannot provide these passengers with the same level of assistance as a personal assistant could during the journey.

You should travel with an assistant if you need assistance, for example:

  • Moving around the train or need to be lifted, e.g. in the toilet
  • When dining
  • With personal hygiene
  • Taking your medicine

Long-distance traffic conductors help you:

  • Get to your seat from the platform
  • Get to the platform from your seat
  • In disruption situations
  • Purchase your ticket on the train
  • Make purchases in the restaurant car (payment with cash)
  • Move your baggage to the proper place on the train