Luggage on trains

You can take luggage on trains free of charge

Small carry-on luggage, such as a handbag, laptop bag or a backpack, and two large pieces of luggage are allowed on trains with no separate luggage charge. If you have any questions about luggage, conductors will help you on the platform and on the train.

Do you want to take your bicycle with you on the train?
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Luggage on long-distance trains

Luggage on domestic long-distance trains

Baggage transport on domestic night trains and car-carrier trains

Prams, bikes, skis and snowboards on trains

Luggage on commuter trains

The following can be taken on commuter trains free of charge

  • Prams and pushchairs in vestibules
  • Bikes and folding bikes in designated spaces
  • Skis and snowboards

Please note that commuter trains have no separate space for storing luggage during travel.

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Bikes on trains

Bikes can be taken on nearly all domestic long-distance and commuter trains.

Please note that a separate space must be reserved for bikes on the InterCity trains. On commuter trains, bikes can be transported free of charge in the designated spaces.

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