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Train tickets for destinations near and far

On the train you travel safely, comfortably and in an environmentally friendly way, both near and far. You'll mainly get a good price by buying your ticket well in advance.

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Which ticket is best for you?

When you travel occasionally

When you take the same route regularly

When you travel through Finland—from South to North or vice versa

When you travel abroad by train

When you want limitless travel around Finland

When you need an assistant for your trip

When planning a trip for a group

Changes and cancellations for single tickets

You can make changes to your long-distance traffic single tickets before the scheduled departure of the train. The change fee is 5 €/ticket.

Change your ticket in the app or at

You can change your ticket easily in the app or online at if you have made your purchases in the app or logged in at You can also add your anonymously bought ticket to your account on the VR Matkalla app and make changes afterwards. A ticket that has been activated through self-service will be considered used and cannot be changed or cancelled.

New time of the trip

You can change the dates of your trip only for the available sales period, until 15 Sept on day trains and until 29 Mar 2025 on night trains.

Change your ticket by contacting customer support

You can also change your ticket by calling our customer support 0100 3232 (cost 0,06 €/min + lnc/mcc), or by visiting our ticket office at Helsinki or Tampere station.

Price differences in tickets

If you change your ticket to a more expensive train service, you need to pay the difference when you make the change. The difference is not refunded as a monetary or price refund when changing to a less expensive train service.

Changes to vehicle spots

You can change the departure date and time of the vehicle spot on at least 72 hours before departure provided that you bought your ticket logged in. With other changes, please call our customer support 0100 3232 (0,06 €/min + lnc/mcc, Mon-Fri 5 am – 10 pm and Sat-Sun 7 am - 10 pm). Note that the route or direction of travel cannot be changed.

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Changes to multi-tickets

Multi-tickets cannot be changed or cancelled. However you can cancel a journey you have booked using your multi-ticket for long-distance trains for free up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. A commuter train journey can not be changed or cancelled.

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Cancelling a train ticket

You can cancell your long distance-train ticket by logging in to or the VR Matkalla app, or by using the cancellation form. Cancelled tickets cannot be refunded without the cancellation insurance, Opens in a new tab redeemed at the time of the ticket purchase. The journey must be cancelled before the train’s scheduled departure.

Did you run into a problem while purchasing your ticket? No worries, just contact our customer support, Opens in a new tab who will help you out.

Purchase a ticket as a gift

Surprise a friend and buy them a ticket to come over for a visit! You can forward a train ticket to a friend easily with just a few cliks!

Here's how you to forward a ticket to a friend or family member:

  • Buy the ticket as usual from or the VR Matkalla app
  • Open the ticket email
  • Click on the ticket link to open it in the browser. Copy the link address from the browser's address line
  • Send the link, ie. the ticket, to your friend as a text or email
  • Done! Start preparing for a lovely visit

Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance gives you peace of mind if your travel plans are not yet fixed. Thanks to cancellation insurance, you can cancel your train ticket or entire cabin and get back the price of your journey if your plans change. Vehicles are covered by their own cancellation insurance.

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No discounts are applicable to night train cabins. Children, students, pensioners and conscripts are eligible for a discount on other long-distance train tickets. Persons travelling with a visually impaired or a disabled person may travel for free with an assistant’s ticket.

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More comfortable journey with additional services

Services subject to a surcharge

Comfortably in Ekstra

Would you rather travel in the spacious and peaceful Ekstra Class?

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Take your pet with you

Travel together with your pet.

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Bring your bike! In long-distance traffic, you can reserve a space for your bike. 

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Vehicles on trains

Transporting a car, motorcycle or other motor vehicle on long-distance trains.

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Pay your ticket with Edenred, Epassi and Smartum

Use your commuting benefit

Remember to use your commuting benefit by the end of the year! With the Epassi, Edenred or Smartum, you can pay for single, multi- and season tickets in the VR Matkalla app. You can use the ticket for traveling for work and on free time.

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