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Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency conducts maintenance and repair works for the train track network in order to ensure smooth and punctual train operations in the future. The conducted track works periodically influence our train operations and schedules. On this page you can find information about our replacement bus services. You can read more about track maintenance work from FTIA's website.

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FTIA will have track work done on the following routes

Väyläviraston ratatyöt aiheuttavat poikkeuksia liikenteeseen

Helsinki-Leppävaara-Kirkkonummi-Karjaa-Salo-Kupittaa-Turku-Turku port





Kupittaa-Turku-Turku Port






Turku port-Turku-Loimaa-Humppila-Toijala-Tampere

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If the sales period is open but there were no results for the day of your choice in the journey search, there may be track work, even if the route isn't in the list. We will add the details here and tickets to the journey search in stages.

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