Services for groups

For leisure and business travel

Start your journey together

The train is a great way to travel for big and small groups. The journey will go smoothly when you can start your day already on the train. Groups of less than 19 passengers can buy tickets as normal single tickets.

Request an offer for 19–51 passengers
When planning a train trip for a group of more than 51 persons, request a group offer.
Request a group offer for more than 51 people

Information about the group ticket

Pre-order meals

The trip will go smoothly when you can eat already on the train. Meal orders should be placed two weeks before the journey, at the latest. You can order meals conveniently as self-service, just log in first with your VR username.

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Facilities for groups

Does your group need a quiet space on the train? Our conference cabins are perfect for various groups.

A wide range of spaces for groups of different sizes

  • The upstairs of the restaurant car is a pleasant space for groups with room for 41 people! In addition to comfortable leather seats, the space offers the best views of the train and swivel chairs as well as tables and power sockets. In the upstairs of the restaurant car, you can order treats and drinks from the restaurant car, including alcohol. You can order products from the restaurant car in advance when your group has 19 passengers or more, or you can order products on the train. For larger groups, we recommend ordering in advance.
  • You can also book the cabinet for up to 12 people in the upstairs of the restaurant car, where it is convenient to have a meeting or start a team day. The cabinet is equipped with two screens and convenient countertops. You can get restaurant car's products for your group on the train from the restaurant car downstairs. Reserve the cabinet from Group Sales: tel. 0600 19009 (€2/answered call + LNC) Mon-Thu 10 a.m.–3 p.m.
  • The spacious and high-quality Ekstra Class is suitable for a quiet group, as it is a quiet space on the train. In Ekstra Class, the ticket price includes coffee, tea and water. There is also a phone booth for calls.
  • Does your group need more space, or even entire coaches or a chartered train? Contact our group sales team: tel. 0600 19009 (€2/answered call + LNC) Mon-Thu 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

Make bookings well in advance

Make reservations early, especially if your group has more than 50 passengers.

It is a good idea to book the journey in advance so that you can get suitable seats for your group at the lowest possible price. Booking in advance also gives us time to think about the food offering of the restaurant car together.

Restaurant services for groups

Does your group want breakfast, lunch or snacks? The restaurant car offers a wide variety of choices catering to various needs. Please order your catering two weeks in advance.

Together on a night train

Taking a night train is the most convenient way to travel in Finland. You also save time as you don’t have to spend a day travelling. Make sure your group can enjoy meals by ordering them in advance as self-service in connection with purchasing a ticket.

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