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Trains are a responsible way to travel

Train is the most environmentally friendly option

The future of cleaner mobility is here. Rail traffic is the most energy-efficient and low-emission mode of transport. We believe that by increasing the popularity of rail transport, we can reduce emissions throughout Finland. Opt for the train and join us on a journey towards a carbon-neutral future.

Thank you for choosing the train. The train is an easy way to travel and the journey is carbon-neutral.

Most of our trains run on electricity

The electricity we use is generated by hydropower. This means that the generation of renewable electricity is free from carbon dioxide emissions.

Railcar and Kolari night train routes

Railcars and Kolari night trains run on non-electrified routes. The emissions caused by these routes have been compensated for by us since late 2019.

Every train trip is carbon-neutral

We are committed to continuing climate action in the future. For example, our aims by 2025 include reducing energy consumption by 15% and increasing the recycling rate to 80%.

Towards a greener future together

We are proud of the Sustainable Travel Finland label, as well as the honorary mention of being the most responsible tourism operator of 2020 in the Sustainable Brand Index. We compensate for the emissions from our operations through a Gold Standard -certified voluntary emissions trading project. The project’s climate investments involve forestation projects in Columbia and the construction of a solar power plant in India.

Reduce the emissions of your journey

For example, on a roundtrip between Helsinki and Rovaniemi, the carbon dioxide emissions of a train are over 99 % lower than those of an aircraft. Use the calculator below to compare the carbon dioxide emissions for your trip.

Junan käyttäminen sijaan tällä edestakaisella reitillä säästää:

15 Cheeseburgers

15 Cheeseburgers

How have carbon dioxide emissions been calculated?

Information for comparison has been retrieved from VTT Lipasto, Statistics Finland and VR Group's annual report for 2018 (only in Finnish).

Green alternative for business

Does your company have environmental goals? When business trips are made by carbon-neutral train, employees’ travel supports the achievement of these goals.

The peace and quiet in the Ekstra Class and cabins that can be reserved exclusively for your group are ideal for business travel.

We acknowledge our responsibility

In passenger service, the use of renewable energy and higher energy efficiency are the key methods for reducing emissions. Our long-term environmental work has continued since the 1990s.

Further information is available in VR Group’s corporate responsibility report.

From a green train to a green car

Train journeys and car rides can now be combined in a fully carbon-neutral way. As a train passenger, you can use an electric car at a discounted price in Helsinki. Drive according to your own plans and schedule. Your entire journey will be comfortable, flexible and fully carbon neutral.