Train travel sus­tain­abil­ity

Trains are a climate-smart choice

Rail traffic is the most energy-efficient and low-emission mode of transport. We believe that by increasing the popularity of rail transport, we can reduce emissions throughout Finland. By choosing a train as your mode of transport, you can easily reduce the climate impact of your journey.

Use our calculator to compare the carbon dioxide emissions of different modes of transport.
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95 %

Most of our trains run on electricity

95% of our passenger train services run on fossil-free electricity. The equivalent figure for our freight trains is 80%.

5 %

Railcar and Kolari night train routes

Railcars and Kolari night trains run on routes which are yet to be electrified. On these routes, train services are carried out using diesel locomotives.

Working together to improve

We are committed to reducing our emissions and energy consumption by 15% from the level in 2019 by the end of 2025. In addition, we will improve material efficiency by increasing our recycling rate to 80 per cent.

We are proud of the Sustainable Travel Finland, Opens in a new tab label, as well as the honorary mention of being one of the most responsible tourism operators of 2024 in the Sustainable Brand Index, Opens in a new tab.

Carbon calculator

How have carbon dioxide emissions been calculated?

Towards environmentally smarter travel through energy efficiency

Energy efficiency as a means to reaching carbon neutrality

The shared environmental goals of the entire VR Group state that emissions per unit of output will decrease by 15% from the 2019 level by 2025. Energy efficiency and the goal of reducing energy consumption by 15% are key to achieving this target.

In rail traffic, energy efficiency has been increased by investing in a more energy-efficient fleet. The predictive and energy-saving driving style of our drivers also plays an important role. With our energy efficiency programme, we saved 8% of the energy used to drive electric trains in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Source: VR Group’s corporate responsibility report 2023, Opens in a new tab

750 MWh of solar power

The solar power plant located at the Helsinki depot produced approximately 750 MWh of electricity for the maintenance of rolling stock, which is the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of approximately 40 electrically heated detached houses.

Vectron – the newest addition to our tractive stock

We have invested in more energy-efficient Siemens Vectron, that is, Sr3 electric locomotives. Some of the locomotives are already in use and all 80 locomotives are set to be in operation by 2026.

Summary of your trips

The VR Matkalla app’s Year on the Rails overview summarises your journey data and shows how much carbon dioxide emissions have accumulated from your journeys compared to other modes of travel. See your summary in the app!

A better choice for business travel

Does your company have environmental goals? When business trips are made by train, employees’ travel supports the achievement of these goals.

The peace and quiet in the Ekstra Class and cabins that can be reserved exclusively for your group are ideal for business travel.

Better choices also in the restaurant car

Try our delicious tomato and broad bean pie baked at Minnan Juustokakkutehdas in Helsinki, for example. The filling vegan tomato pesto pasta is made by chefs in Juva. A visit to the restaurant car is rounded off with a cup of coffee or tea served with a cinnamon roll from Tampere or a giant chocolate cookie baked in Tuusula.

All coffee and tea served by us are UTZ-certified. The certificate guarantees the sustainability of the production.
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Smoother travel with first and last mile connections


Journeys with first and last-mile connections combine multiple modes of transport. For example, you can first travel by train and then continue your journey on a local bus, rented car, or taxi.

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