Kolari railway station

  • Ticket vending machine
  • Toilet
  • Car-carrier loading
Kolari railway station

Kolari railway station

Asematie 7

95900 Kolari

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Waiting room opening hours

Mon–Fri 10.40–18.10

Sat 8.40–18.10

Sun 10.40–18.10

Ticket sales

  • Ticket vending machine

Services at the station

  • Toilet
  • Car-carrier loading
  • Luggage lockers


  • Assistance service at the station
  • Raised platforms, accessible entry onto low-floor train.

Information about the station’s services

Assistance service at the station

The assistance point is located in front of the main entrance to the station. The assistance point has a shelter. Drop-off traffic can reach the assistance point.

To book assistance service, call VR customer service at 0800 166 888 (free of charge) no later than 36 hours before your departure.

Car and vehicle loading

The car loading site for car-carriers is located at the northern end of the station.

Please reserve enough time to reach the site. Arrive at the loading site no later than 30 minutes before loading begins.

The keys to cars left for loading can be left in the letterbox indicated for this purpose. The keys to cars that have arrived on a car-carrier can be requested from VR staff at the loading site during loading times.