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Night trains

Travel between the south and the north safely in your own cabin.

Night on a train

Let Lapland’s magic enchant you! We have increased the number of night trains to Lapland and reduced the sleeper cabin prices. You can now travel safely in a two-person sleeper cabin from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, starting from €49 per person.

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Take your car with you on a night train and arrive well-rested at your destination.
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Going to Levi, Pyhä or Ylläs?

To Levi from Rovaniemi or Kolari:

  1. Purchase a train ticket to Rovaniemi or Kolari
  2. A bus to Levi from Kolari takes a little over an hour and from Rovaniemi 2 h 40 min.

To Ylläs from Kolari:

  1. Purchase a train ticket to Kolari
  2. A bus from Kolari to Ylläs takes about 30 min

Trains to Kolari do not run daily.

To Pyhä from Kemijärvi or Rovaniemi:

  1. Purchase a train ticket to Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi station
  2. A bus to Pyhä from Rovaniemi takes 2 h 20 min and from Kemijärvi 1 h 5 min.

You can also rent a car from Rovaniemi.

You can buy bus tickets on the Matkahuolto website

Photo: Visit Levi

Train is the greenest choice for travel to the North


Train is the most environmentally friendly means of travelling. You can travel by train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and back 50 times, whereas the same amount of emissions is produced during only one round trip by car.

Enjoy delicious food on a night train

You can now order from the restaurant car menu to your cabin. The conductor will provide you with a brochure on the selection and prices and they will also take your order on the train. Payment can only be made with a card.

You can safely and comfortably enjoy dinner, a light snack, delicious breakfast or brunch in your own cabin. What could be a more pleasant way to travel than to lie in bed and enjoy a peaceful breakfast? When you reach your destination, you will be ready for adventure!

  • Order your breakfast or brunch no later than at 23:59 the night before
  • We have four different options available for breakfast or brunch
  • The options for a warm meal are meatballs with mashed potatoes, a warm falafel salad, tasty pasta dishes and a chicken Caesar salad
  • You can also choose one of our two snack packages and either take the snacks with you when you reach your destination or enjoy them on board the train
  • Of course the restaurant car is also at your service during your trip

Please note! On trains going north from Turku, we provide a breakfast service to cabins. On trains going from the north to Turku, we provide a dinner service to cabins.

Timetables for night trains and car-carrier trains

We have published new timetables; you now can start planning your night train trips until October 2021.

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Travel by night train

We have sleeper cabins for various needs and situations.

Upstairs or downstairs?

  • Add luxury to your journey with an upstairs cabin which has a shower and toilet.
  • The downstairs cabins are more inexpensive, with showers and toilets along the aisles.
  • You can also choose to purchase a ticket for a seat, which usually has a lower price than a sleeper cabin.
  • Cabins are for 1–2 or 1–3 people.
  • You can also select an adjoining downstairs cabin (2 + 2 persons), with a partition that can be opened. You can book these cabins via our customer service.
  • The cabins have bunk beds.
  • Our night trains also have accessible and pet cabins.
  • At the moment, we are not selling sleeping berths in shared cabins, which means that the cabin is always safely used by only you and your travel companions.
  • Children between the ages of 0 and 10 travel on night trains for free when sharing a berth with another passenger. However, note that the beds are 0.75 metres wide and 2.00 metres long. Travelling will be more comfortable when you book separate beds for bigger children.
  • For the time being, you can only buy seat tickets for night trains in the VR Matkalla app. Our aim is to have sleeper cabins available there as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

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Ideas for an active holiday

We have compiled some ideas for weekend trips that are easy to put into practice. You can experience the allure and autumn colours of Lapland also during short trips that do not require experience of hiking.

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Most popular night train routes

Tampere – Kolari

2 people, own cabin (EUR 98)
Starting from
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Helsinki – Rovaniemi

1 person, own cabin
Starting from
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Save by booking your journey in advance

The earlier you buy, the more likely you are to get your ticket for the best price.

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Pets on night trains

Best travel comfort for pets

Travel with your pet in a pet cabin for a EUR 5 surcharge per dog or pet carrier. The route usually includes some longer stops so you can take a walk. You can ask the conductor for more information.

Pets on night trains

Cars on night trains

Travel by night train and continue your journey well rested in the morning with your own car. CarTrain packages include a transfer-free night train journey for 1–6 passengers and a car.

Accessible travel on a night train

All night trains have accessible sleeper cabins which are located close to the car’s accessible entrance door. Accessible toilets are also located by the entrance. Guide, assistance or hearing dogs and pets travel with you free of charge.

Night train routes

Night and car-carrier trains take you from Helsinki or Turku to Rovaniemi, Kolari or Kemijärvi.

Unforgettable experience for children

Unforgettable experience for children

Travelling on a night train is easy even with the smallest family members. A real bed guarantees better sleep than dozing in the back seat. In the morning you're ready to continue the journey well rested.

Where to put baggage?

Where to put baggage?

Baggage usually fits well in the cabin, but in case you have a lot of it you can use the lockable storage space. Our conductors will gladly advice you with this.

Did you know?

The longest night trains are approximately 450 m long – almost half a kilometre.

Peak season for night trains

During the busiest nights in the ski season, as many as five night trains depart from Helsinki: two to Kolari and three to Rovaniemi.