Turku railway station

  • Ticket vending machine
  • Toilet
  • Car-carrier loading

Turku railway station

Ratapihankatu 37

20100 Turku

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Waiting room opening hours

Mon-Sat 6.30–21

Sun 7.30–21

Ticket sales

  • Ticket vending machine
  • No VR service point

Services at the station

  • Toilet
  • Car-carrier loading
  • Luggage lockers unavailable


  • Assistance service at the station
  • Raised platforms, accessible entry onto low-floor train.

Information about the station’s services

Railway line interruption in Turku from 15 Aug 2022

Read more about the changes in train sevices between Turku and Kupittaa here, Opens in a new tab.

Accessibility at the station

At the moment only platform 7 is in use at the Turku station. The accessible route to platform 7 is through the footbridge on the harbour side. Access to the station building is from track side station doors.

Assistance service at the station

The assistance point is located in front of the main entrance, on the town side of the station building. Drop-off traffic can reach the immediate vicinity of the assistance point. There is no shelter at the assistance point.

There is a second assistance point located near the temporary platform 017, next to the entrance to the Logomo Bridge.

To book assistance service, call VR customer service for accessible travel at 0800 188 822 (free of charge, service hours Mon–Fri 5am–10pm, Sat–Sun 7am–10pm) no later than 24 hours before your departure.

Car and vehicle loading

Please reserve enough time to reach the site. If VR loads the car on your behalf please bring the car and hand over the keys no later than 30 minutes before the loading begins. Vehicle loading takes place from 7pm until 7.30 pm.

The keys to cars left to be loaded by VR must be be left in VR’s locker no later than 30 minutes before loading begins.

Print out your ticket and attach it to the keys. You can also write the ticket information on a paper (name, phone number, departure date, train, departure station, destination station, car make and model, and registration number).

Keys to cars that arrive can be picked up from the car-loading staff. However, on weekdays the keys that are not picked up will be taken to the Turku railway station Avis Car Rental starting from 08.30 a.m. On weekends, you get the keys from the Car-loading staff. Car-loading staff is available during loading and reachable by phone between 09.20–10.45 at 029 434 8063 (lnc/mcc).

Vicinity of railway station

You can find a map of the surroundings of the Turku railway station as a pdf file on the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s website, Opens in a new tab.

From the station, you could go to...

Explore the numerous destinations near the railway station! Here are a few examples.

Turku Art Museum

Turku Art Museum is just a 10-minute walk from the railway station.

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The magnificent venue is located right next to the railway station in the facilities of our old machine shop.

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Turku Castle

Turku Castle is located only about 3 km from Turku Central Station.

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Map of Turku railway station from 22 May 2022

The car train loading site has been relocated to Vaunukatu 4. The driving route to the car train station that goes through Aninkaistensilta and Köydenpunojankaari is marked on the map with a red line.

You can see the walking route to the departure platform of the night train, which goes over the Logomo bridge, marked on the map with a dotted red line.

Trains to Tampere depart from Turku on track 7. Trains from Tampere arrive in Turku either on track 7 or on the new track 17. Track 17 is located next to Logomo, on the opposite side of the railway yard from the station. The walk from the railway station to track 17 is about 15 minutes.

Track work between Turku & Kupittaa

In August 2022, the FTIA will start track work between Turku and Kupittaa stations. During track work, the railway line is shut off between Turku and Kupittaa, and trains to Helsinki arrive and depart from the Kupittaa station instead of Turku. Traffic between Turku and Tampere is running normally.

Frequently asked questions about the railway line interruption

If you get insufficient search results, try replacing Turku with Kupittaa.

The trains between Tampere and Turku continue operating as usual.

More information

You can find more information at the FTIA's online service.

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Park your car at the station and hop on a train

Did you know that the P-Logomo parking area is located just north of the Turku railway station? The parking area can be easily accessed from Köydenpunojankatu.

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The functionalist station

The Turku station was opened in 1876. The construction of the current station building, which represents functionalist architectural design, was completed in 1940. It was built for the Helsinki Summer Olympics in 1952 because it was believed that the majority of tourists would arrive from the Port of Turku.

Significant cultural environment

There are a lot of buildings from the late 19th century in the area surrounding the station. The Finnish Heritage Agency has classified the area around the Turku Central railway station as a nationally significant built cultural environment.