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VR commuter traffic

Which routes are included in VR commuter traffic?

VR Commuter traffic encompasses traffic operated with commuter trains with line IDs in areas from Helsinki to Lahti, Kouvola, Kotka Harbour and Nokia.

Tickets for commuter traffic

A variety of tickets for commuter routes

You can use many kinds of tickets on commuter trains. You can choose your ticket based on how often you travel.

  • If you take a train only every now and then, a single ticket is your best option.
  • When you travel by train quite often on the same route, we recommend getting a 10 or 30 trip multi-ticket.
  • For frequent travellers the 50 or 100 trip multi tickets or the season ticket is the most affordable option.

Tickets are not sold on board commuter trains, so please remember to buy a ticket before boarding the train. You can sit anywhere you like as there is no seat reservation for commuter trains. Tickets for commuter traffic are not valid on long-distance trains.

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Commuter train often works out cheaper than driving

Travelling on a commuter train is an economical choice compared to a car. Here are a few examples of adult single, multi and season ticket prices.

Kouvola-Kotka (adult)

  • Single ticket €4.10
  • 10-journey multi-ticket €3.28 per journey
  • 50-journey multi-ticket €2.71 per journey
  • whereas price of the journey by petrol-powered car €5.59 *

Lahti-Kouvola (adult)

  • Single ticket €5.50
  • 10-journey multi-ticket €4.40 per journey
  • 50-journey multi-ticket €3.63 per journey
  • whereas price of the journey by petrol-powered car €6.09 *

Pensioners, students and children travel even cheaper.

* Fuel price and consumption data retrieved from Traficom’s calculations (retrieved 11 November 2021.) The kilometres for the calculation were retrieved from Google Maps between the departure and destination railway stations.

Remember to buy a valid ticket before your journey begins

On the VR commuter traffic trains D, G, M, R, T and Z , conductors can impose an EUR 80 penalty fare on passengers travelling without a valid ticket. Make sure your trip doesn’t cost too much by purchasing a valid ticket.

Traffic information

What's happening on the tracks?

You can track the locations of trains in real time, learn more about any disruptions and check the latest bulletins.

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Commuter trains

In commuter traffic, passengers are transported by modern city trains.

Many of our commuter trains are accessible, which means that you can board a train using a wheelchair or bring a pram or bike with you.

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Thousands of passengers every day

Every year in Finland, over 70 million journeys are taken using commuter trains – commuter trains carry over 200,000 passengers every day.

Professionals at your service

Over 800 train services are operated every day in commuter traffic, with around 600 railway professionals working to make sure that your journey will be safe and smooth.