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VR commuter traffic

Commuter train travel is affordable and easy

Which routes are included in VR commuter traffic?

VR Commuter traffic encompasses traffic operated with commuter trains with line IDs in areas from Helsinki to Lahti, Kouvola, Kotka Harbour and via Riihimiäki, all the way to Nokia. Also H train started operating between Hanko and Karjaa on 8 January 2024.

The commuter train network map shows trains routes operated by VR and HSL, as well as stations with connections.
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Single ticket

For occasional travel

When you take the train occasionally, choose the single ticket. Single tickets for commuter traffic are always sold at the same price, regardless of when you travel or buy the ticket.

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FOR 10 or 30 TRIPS

When you take the train often, check out the multi-ticket! The more trips you buy, the lower the price of an individual trip.

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Season ticket

FOR 14–365 DAYS

When you travel by train to work or studies several times a week or even daily, a season ticket is the best and cheapest choice for you.

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8 good reasons to choose commuter trains

  1. Frequent trains. Commuter trains run often and nearly round the clock, offering flexibility to your schedules.
  2. Great discounts. In commuter traffic, children, pensioners, students and conscripts receive a 50% discount on almost all train tickets.
  3. Children travel for free. Children under the age of seven travel for free on commuter trains. Parents travelling with prams also travel for free on all commuter trains.
  4. A commuter train is an economical option compared to a car. On many routes, train travel is more affordable than driving a car. When you travel frequently on the same route for work or school, for example, your journeys become extremely flexible and affordable with a season ticket or a 50- or 100-journey multi-ticket.
  5. Same fare. With commuter trains, you always travel at the same price on the same route, even if you book your journey just before departure. On some of our routes, you can choose between commuter or long-distance trains – the commuter train is always a cheaper way to travel.
  6. We welcome pets! Pets travel for free and without prior reservation on all commuter trains. The trains have separately marked coaches with pet areas.
  7. Great for cyclists. Passengers on commuter trains can bring their bikes on the train free of charge, without prior reservation. Commuter trains have a few bicycle spaces for storing your bike. Please note! Bikes can only be stored in the marked spaces so that they do not block the passageways in the coach. Read more about travelling with a bike
  8. A green choice. When you travel by train, you are playing your part in achieving our shared environmental goals.

On your bike and off you go!

Did you know that you can easily take your bike along on our commuter trains? All commuter trains have a few bicycle spaces where your bike travels for free. Would you like to ride the train to work and pedal back? Or what would a trip combining train and cycling in the commuter area sound like?

Train connections from the commuter traffic area

When you travel in VR’s commuter traffic area, you can switch to the routes of different rail sections from the following stations:

  • To stations between Leinelä and Vehkala on the Ring Rail Line, switching station Tikkurila
  • To stations between Vantaankoski and Malminkartano on the Ring Rail Line, switching stations: Tikkurila and Pasila
  • To Pohjois-Haaga and Kannelmäki on the Ring Rail Line, switching station: Pasila
  • To stations between Ilmala and Siuntio on the Coastal Railway, switching station: Pasila

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Traffic information

What's happening on the tracks?

You can track the locations of trains in real time, learn more about any disruptions and check the latest bulletins.

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Remember to buy a ticket before your journey begins

Buy your ticket beforehand

On the VR commuter traffic trains D, G, H, M, O, R, T and Z , conductors can impose an EUR 80 penalty fare on passengers travelling without a valid ticket. Make sure your trip doesn’t cost too much by purchasing a valid ticket.

The R train's route

Commuter train Helsinki-Tampere

The R commuter train goes from Helsinki to Tampere. Other stops: Pasila, Tikkurila, Kerava, Ainola, Järvenpää, Saunakallio, Jokela, Hyvinkää, Riihimäki, Ryttylä, Turenki, Hämeenlinna, Parola, Iittala, Toijala, Viiala and Lempäälä.

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Commuter train from Hanko to Karjaa

H train runs from Hanko to Karjaa

The other stops are at Hanko-Pohjoinen, Santala, Lappohja, Skogby, Tammisaari and Dragsvik. Three days a week, the H train operates between Hanko and Helsinki and also stops at Inkoo, Siuntio, Kirkkonummi, Espoo, Leppävaara and Pasila.

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The Z train's stops

Commuter train Helsinki–Lahti

The Z commuter train goes from Helsinki to Lahti once per hour, taking just over an hour. The Z train's route includes stops at Pasila, Tikkurila, Kerava, Haarajoki, Mäntsälä ja Henna.

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The commuter night train between Helsinki and Riihimäki

The T-train stops at all stations

The T train stops at Pasila, Käpylä, Oulunkylä, Pukinmäki, Malmi, Tapanila, Puistola, Tikkurila, Hiekkaharju, Koivukylä, Rekola, Korso, Savio, Kerava, Ainola, Järvenpää, Saunakallio, Jokela ja Hyvinkää.

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Commuter trains

In commuter traffic, passengers are transported by modern city trains.

Many of our commuter trains are accessible, which means that you can board a train using a wheelchair or bring a pram or bike with you.

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VR’s commuter traffic from Helsinki to Nokia, Hanko and in the direction of Lahti and HSL’s train traffic in the capital region.

Thousands of passengers every day

Every year in Finland, over 70 million journeys are taken using commuter trains – commuter trains carry over 200,000 passengers every day.

Professionals at your service

Around 900 train services are operated every day in commuter traffic, with around 600 railway professionals working to make sure that your journey will be safe and smooth.