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Cookies (including Local and Session storage records) are text files that the browser saves on your device. Cookies do not harm your devices or spread malware. By accepting all cookies, you can ensure the best possible user experience on our website. You can change your cookie settings whenever you like in the cookie settings of this page. You can also clear the cookie history through the cookie settings of your browser.

We use cookies to collect data on how and when our services are used. For instance, cookies enable us to remember your language settings, offer personalised content and show relevant advertising. Cookies can tell us, for example, which page or service the user visited or used before coming to our website, which pages the user has browsed and the time of browsing, and the user’s browser and browser version. We also collect statistical location data at the city level. The location data is based on anonymised IP addresses. More information on anonymisation is available on Google’s website, Opens in a new tab. Statistical location data is not disclosed to third parties. This data helps us to analyse how our website and services are used, develop our services and improve our customer experience.

We use cookies and other technical means to follow the statistical number of visitors to our website and to measure the effectiveness of advertising. We collect data from sources such as digital newsletters and marketing messages in order to find out how often our messages are opened and how users react to our messages; for example, do they go to the online service or make purchases. We may include follow-up codes in e-mail or marketing messages for the purpose of measuring their effectiveness. We may also carry out research to improve the usability of our web services, and this research may involve saving data on mouse actions by the user on our website.

We use cookies to target advertising so that we can offer you more relevant advertisements. Our users might see advertisements in the networks of our partners (such as Facebook and Google) after visiting our website.

We cannot identify you personally on the basis of cookies alone. If you are logged in to our service and have given your consent to cookie-based targeting and grouping, we may combine data on your online actions with your other data, including your journeys or earlier purchases, and create a customer profile based on this information.

We use unique anonymous identifiers in our services. If you have made purchases on our website and given your consent to cookie-based targeting and grouping, we may combine your visiting data with your earlier purchases on the same browser or with your contact information provided with the purchase, and create a so-called site visiting profile. We use this data at a statistical level to develop our services. We may also combine your cookie data with your survey responses. Before doing this, we always inform you at the beginning of the survey.

Our aim in grouping the data is to offer you better services, content and advertising and a smoother user experience.

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