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Logging in to VR’s services ensures the best travel experience for you.

You can access all advantages by logging in

Sign in to our services to buy your tickets easily, follow your journey and keep your tickets safe. You can access your tickets with all your devices by signing in.

Log in
Creating a VR username is easy. If you have an old Veturi account, you can still log in with the email address of your account.
Create a username

All tickets in one place

Log in to your VR account to access your tickets with different devices. Showing your ticket to the conductor is easy with the VR Matkalla app.

Perks for registered users

When you do your shopping signed in, your tickets are kept safe and easily accessible with all your devices.

Follow your journey

The VR Matkalla app tells you where your train is, what the next stop is and when you will arrive at your destination. Log in for personal services at every stage of your journey.

Payment details stored

You can store multiple payment cards by logging in to the VR Matkalla app. The easiest way to buy tickets is with MobilePay or Siirto.

Restaurant car benefits

The VR Matkalla app is your loyalty card in the restaurant car. The currently discounted prices can be found in the app’s Messages section. You can for example buy a large cup of coffee for the price of a small one by showing the app.

The VR Matkalla app is your best travel companion

You can also find the tickets purchased on a computer in the app. The same account is used in the app.

  • Follow your journey on the map and receive useful information such as onward connections and services on your train.
  • You can make changes to your trip after booking. Change your seat, upgrade your to Ekstra class or add a pet or a bike on your trip.
  • New season tickets for commuter and long-distance traffic can only be found in the VR Matkalla app. You can make a seat reservation or upgrade, as well as add a pet or a bike for each individual trip booked with your multi- or season ticket.
  • You can pay your tickets using your online bank, a payment card or Siirto, Pivo and MobilePay payment services. You can store multiple different payment card details in the app (Visa, Visa Electron, Amex, MasterCard, Maestro)
  • You can download the app from App store or Google Play

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Create VR’s username

Creating VR’s username is quick and easy. You can create it in a couple of minutes and your train travel will be even smoother in the future. Welcome aboard!

Create a username

The Veturi title is no longer used, but the perks for registered users remain

Your old Veturi-account remains, log in with your email address

The Veturi title is no longer used, but the benefits remain when you log in with the email address that was attached to your old Veturi account. The old customer numbers are no longer in use, they are replaced by your email address. If you want to change the email address of your account, you can for now change it on our old website.

The VR Matkalla app replaces the Veturi card as your loyalty card. You can find the newest benefits in the Messages section.

If you have bought tickets from the old website while logged in or you are buying tickets with a corporate account, you will still find your tickets from the old online service