Rovaniemi railway station

  • Ticket vending machine
  • Toilet
  • Car-carrier loading

Rovaniemi railway station

Ratakatu 3

96100 Rovaniemi

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Waiting room opening hours

Daily 05–21.30

Ticket vending machines are inside of the station building.

Departures and arrivals



Track trains

Ticket sales

  • Ticket vending machine
  • No VR service point

Services at the station

  • Toilet
  • Car-carrier loading
  • Luggage lockers


  • Assistance service at the station
  • Raised platforms, accessible entry onto low-floor train.

Information about the station’s services

Luggage lockers

Measurements of lockers:

  • Size S: w 73 cm x h 38 cm x d 94 cm
  • Size XL: w 63 cm x h 96 cm x d 94 cm
  • Ski-size w 33 cm x h 205 cm x d 46 cm 
  • The customer can also choose an accessible locker making it easier for drop off of items.

The lockers can be booked for 3, 6, 12, 24 or 72 hours. The price is determined by the size of locker, duration of booking and the season. The lowest price for three hours in an S size locker is 3.90 euros and 4.90 euros for the XL locker. Payment is made with payment cards approved by us. An additional fee will be charged hourly for exceeding the booking time. Items left behind will be taken to Suomen Löytötavarapalvelut lost property service. For more information, please contact our customer service., Opens in a new tab

Accessibility at the station

Track 1 is elevated. A wheelchair ramp to the station is available on the track side.

Assistance service at the station

The assistance point is located close to platform 1. There is no shelter at the assistance point. Drop-off traffic can reach the assistance point. To book assistance service, call VR customer service for accessible travel at 0800 188 822 (free of charge, service hours Mon–Fri 5am–10pm, Sat–Sun 7am–10pm) no later than 24 hours before your departure.

Car and vehicle loading

The loading of cars takes place on the east side of the station building. Arriving car-carrier wagons are unloaded on the west side of the station building. Please reserve enough time to reach the site. If VR loads the car on your behalf please bring the car and hand over the keys no later than 30 minutes before the loading begins.

The keys for cars arriving on the car-carrier are handed over to customers Mon–Sun 7.15–12.00 from the number 040 541 53 46.

The keys to cars left to be loaded by VR must be left in the key locker in the station hall no later than 30 minutes before the loading time indicated on the ticket. Print out your ticket and attach it to the keys. You can also write the ticket information on a paper (name, phone number, departure date, train, departure station, destination station, car make and model, and registration number).

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Korundi House of Culture

Just a short walk from Rovaniemi railway station is the Korundi House of Culture, described as a “hub for art lovers and creators”. Here you can experience art with a true northern perspective.

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Arktikum is a science centre and museum. Take a deep dive into Lapland's culture, nature, people and arctic way of life. Arktikum is just 1.2 kilometres from Rovaniemi railway station.

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Ounaskoski railway bridge

Ounaskoski railway bridge, one and a half kilometres from Rovaniemi railway station, offers travellers a beautiful view of the Kemijoki river.

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