Visit nature attrac­tions by train

Visit nature attractions by train

You can travel to several beautiful nature attractions in Finland without spending hours in your car. The backpack and tent travel with you on the train, and you can use the travel time to plan hiking routes, for example.

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Together with Metsähallitus, we have compiled a list of nature sites that you can easily reach without your own car. Explore destinations and check your arrival instructions.

Visit national parks and natural attractions by train

Lapland’s nature fascinates all year round!

The breathtaking scenery of the north awaits you at the end of a comfortable journey on a night train, with smooth connections available. Experience the new national park in Salla and be impressed by the seemingly endless scenery at the top of Pyhätunturi.

To Lapland by train

Explorers’ dream route

Experience four different hiking and trekking destinations along the same train route. Climb the cliffs, admire the magnificent Finnish landscapes and make camp to listen to the sounds of nature.

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