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Continue your journey on public transport

Smoother travel in the public transport

You can buy Helsinki capital region HSL tickets, Tampere Nysse tickets, Hämeenlinna public transport tickets, Jyväskylä Linkki tickets, Lahti LSL tickets, Joensuu JOJO tickets and Rovaniemi Linkkari tickets from VR Matkalla application.

Local public transport tickets can be purchased in the VR Matkalla app.
Open VR Matkalla app, Opens in a new tab

Buying and using a local transport single ticket

Local transport tickets can be purchased together with train tickets or later on from the home page of the application.

Purchasing local traffic tickets together with train journey

  • Search for the journey in the VR Matkalla app
  • If the station of departure or destination of your journey is in the local transport area, you can add the ticket of the operator in question to your order
  • Select the ticket zone and add the ticket to your order
  • Pay for your order and all your selected tickets at once
  • After the payment, you will be able to find your tickets in the app’s Tickets section

    • Please note that local transport tickets can only be used on the device on which you purchased the tickets. This means that local transport tickets cannot be shared with others.

Purchasing local traffic tickets from the home page of the application

  • After you've purchased a train journey, the journey's information will be visible on the app's home screen
  • You can see what kind of first and last mile services are available for your journey from sections "Arriving to train station" and "Connection from your station"
  • If the station of departure or destination of your journey is in the local transport area, you can purchase the ticket of the public transport operator

Activation of the local transport ticket

  • Activate the local transport ticket before boarding the vehicle or entering the metro platform area in the HSL area
  • The ticket will become valid immediately upon activation
  • If necessary, present the activated local transport ticket to the driver, ticket reader, conductor or ticket inspector
  • You can find the latest traffic information, timetables and help for route planning on the website of the local transport operator. See the links to operator websites below.
  • Enjoy smooth travel!

Information about local transport tickets

For smoother and greener travel

Travel from door to door

We want to offer our customers an even easier way to travel to their destination using public transport. We are working to improve public transport ticket sales on the basis of customer feedback – this is only the beginning!

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Get public transport tickets from VR Matkalla app

The VR Matkalla app helps you at every stage of your journey. Buy public transport tickets together with your train journey and activate it before use.