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Explorers’ dream route

The last few years have proven it: Finland is an endless treasure trove for explorers. Pack what you need and buy a ticket for a train!

The route is perfect for anyone looking for an adventure. If you think that coffee tastes best by the campfire, get yourself a train ticket and go on an adventure in four magnificent natural destinations.

The perfect hiking trail goes to Koli through Vuonislahti. The four destinations along the journey are Seitseminen in Parkano, Evo and Päijänne in Hämeenlinna, and Repovesi in Kouvola.

Seitseminen, Parkano

Seitseminen National Park contains hiking trails ranging from short trails of just a few kilometres all the way to trails over ten kilometres long. Cyclists will also find 40 kilometres of bicycle trails there. In the backwoods of Seitseminen, you can also visit the heritage farm at Kovero, where the traditional Finnish landscape is preserved using the old ways.

Seitseminen is a 26-kilometre bicycle ride away from the Parkano railway station. Alternatively, you can take the bus from the station.

Evo and Päijänne, Hämeenlinna

Päijänne is one of the largest lakes in Finland, and it contains multiple islands. Not only is Päijänne a perfect fit for paddlers, but it is also possible to roam around on foot. The routes in Evo are easy to tread, suiting both beginners and experienced hikers alike. You can see old-growth forest and marshland in its natural state on the approximately 3-kilometre-long Niemisjärvi nature trail. It is possible to spend the night in a tent or rented cabin in Evo.

You can get to Evo from Hämeenlinna if you take the bus there.

Repovesi, Kouvola

Repovesi National Park is a popular hiking destination with 45 kilometres of marked trails. The trails range from slightly under four kilometres to 26 kilometres long. The majestic mountain landscapes of Repovesi have rolling trails that are sure to pose a welcome challenge for experienced hikers. You may spot a red-brown fox hiding in its den if you are lucky.

You can easily get to Repovesi from Kouvola if you take the bus from the station.

From Vuonislahti to Koli

Vuonislahti is a charming little village in Lieksa. In summer, there is good access from Vuonislahti to Koli by water bus. In winter, you can make your way by walking on top of the frozen waters. However, before you continue your journey, you may want to see the nature trails and sights in Vuonislahti. The Vuonislahti pedestrian street and Paateri trail are trails that offer beautiful vistas of the neighbouring Pielisjärvi Lake.