Explorers’ dream route

Finland is an endless treasure trove for explorers, capable of surprising even the most experienced adventurers. Together with Metsähallitus, the Finnish forest administration, we put together a list of the best natural attractions that are easily reached by train. So, pack your backpack and hop on the train!

The route is perfect for anyone looking for an adventure. If you think that coffee tastes best by the campfire, get yourself a train ticket and go on an adventure to these four magnificent natural destinations.

The perfect hiking trail goes to Koli. This trip takes you to Seitseminen in Parkano, Aulanko in Hämeenlinna, and Repovesi in Kouvola.

Paroonin taival in Parkano and Seitseminen National Park

Paroonin taival (the Baron's Trail) is a hiking trail about 30 km in length which starts conveniently from Parkano railway station. The trail passes through the city centre and includes varied landscapes and terrain. Paroonin taival ends at the nature centre in Seitseminen National Park, whose services include a cafeteria. Along the hiking trail, there are two lean-tos and a wilderness hut where you can stay overnight, as long as you are well equipped.

Alternatively, you can also head directly to the diverse trails of Seitseminen National Park. There you can for example experience the Multiharju primeval forest, which is accessible via a two-kilometre nature trail. More than half of the area of Seitseminen National Park is marshland, which is full of life during the summer. In the marshlands of Seitseminen, it is possible to see black grouse, cranes, whooper swans or even a willow grouse, a bird that is more commonly seen further north.

How to get there

Nearest train station: Parkano

From station to destination: Seitseminen National Park is located 26 km from Parkano train station. The easiest way to get there is by taxi or bike.


Aulanko in Hämeenlinna has been a popular tourist destination for over a hundred years. Nowadays, the nature reserve in Aulanko offers tourists much more to see than just the beautiful scenery. The Aulanko parkland with its attractions and the traditional Finnish landscape, best viewed from the observation tower on Aulangonvuori, attract more than 400,000 visitors to the area every year. Aulanko is especially suitable for day trips, and some of the attractions in the area are also suitable for those travelling with an assistant or a pram.

The Aulanko Nature Reserve includes an English-style park built between 1883 and 1938, which, together with its buildings, is regarded as a nationally significant cultural-historical environment.

How to get there

Nearest train station: Hämeenlinna

From station to destination: Aulanko is a good 3-km walk from Hämeenlinna railway station. You can also take the local bus number 2 to Aulanko from the station.

Repovesi, Kouvola

Repovesi National Park is one of the most popular hiking and trekking destinations in Southern Finland. There are around 45 kilometres of marked trails in Repovesi. The trails range from slightly under 4 kilometres to 26 kilometres long. The majestic mountain landscapes of Repovesi have rolling trails that are sure to pose a welcome challenge to experienced hikers. Climb on the rugged cliffs, cross the Lapinsalmi Bridge or cross Määkijänsalmi on a cable ferry. You may spot a red fox or hear the cry of a red-throated diver if you are lucky.

How to get there

Nearest train stations: Hillosensalmi (summer season only), Kouvola when coming from the south, Mäntyharju when coming from the north

From station to destination: The simplest and easiest option is to hop on the bus waiting at the train stop in Hillosensalmi., Opens in a new tab There is no need to book the bus trip in advance. Read more, Opens in a new tab The Repovesi bus, which runs from Kouvola at weekends, takes passengers from the railway station via Verla to Repovesi. There are canoeing, hiking and mountain biking routes from Mäntyharju station to Repovesi National Park.

Koli's national landscape

At Koli, you will find Finland's most famous national landscape. Hike to the top of Koli's highest peak, Ukko-Koli, where you can admire the magnificent landscape overlooking Lake Pielinen. From the quartz ledge of Paha-Koli, you can see over Kolinuuro to Pielinen, while from Akka-Koli you can see the lakeland scenery of Kolinselkä. Koli has suitable routes for hikers of all levels. There are about 80 kilometres of marked trails ranging in length from 1½ kilometres to 61 kilometres.

The nearest train station to Koli is Joensuu.

How to get there

Nearest train station: Joensuu

From station to destination: The distance from Joensuu railway station to Koli is about 60 kilometres. The most convenient way to get there is by connecting buscarpool taxi , Opens in a new tabor low-cost rental car, Opens in a new tab.

Visit nature by train

Take the train to the breathtaking scenery of national parks and natural attractions. We’ve put together hiking and camping sites, which can be conveniently accessed even without your own car.

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