Travel to Lapland by train

Are you planning a trip to the north? Head to the slopes safely by train.

Arriving to the destination well rested

On the night train, the holiday begins on the way. Night trains run to Rovaniemi, Kolari and Kemijärvi. You can drive the last part of the trip with your own car or choose a connection bus, rental car or taxi.

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Rent a car from Rovaniemi, Oulu or Kolari with a discount
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Travel to the ski resort easily without a car – connections are available all year round

Travelling to the ski resorts in Lapland is possible without spending several hours in a car. Start enjoying the trip already on the way and travel to Lapland by public transport. In this way, also the driver can enjoy the holiday right from the departure.

How to get from the train station to your destination

Forget hours of driving and travel to Lapland by train. You can reach your destination in Lapland easily by bus, taxi or rental car. If you prefer to use your own car in the north, you can also take it with you on a car-carrier.

1. Travelling with your car in a car-carrier

Save your driving energy for the north! A car-carrier train is a flexible way to travel. You can select the most suitable destination and drive the rest of the trip well relaxed with your own car. Learn more about car-carriers.

2. To Rovaniemi, Kolari or Kemijärvi?

It might be worth to compare different connections. Trains to Rovaniemi and Kolari will run daily until 19 April. After this, trains will run four times a week to Kolari and daily to Rovaniemi. Night trains to Kemijärvi run Monday-Sunday. If you depart from Helsinki, remember to also search for connections from the Pasila car-carrier station. Check more detailed timetables from trip search.

3. Take a rental car for a ride at a discount

Drive your rental car well rested. As a train passenger, you can rent a Hertz rental car with a discount from Rovaniemi and Kolari stations. Learn more about the service here

4. Rest of the journey by bus

A connecting bus is an easy and affordable way to travel to the ski resorts. Buses to several ski resorts run in accordance with the train timetables and leave from in front of the stations. Use the skiing center as your destination when searching for train journey and we will show you the bus services that match your search – grab both tickets in one go!

5. Conveniently to the destination by taxi 

You can travel the rest of the trip from the station comfortably by taxi. There are fixed-priced bus and pre-order taxi services to several ski resorts. You should check the timetables and book the taxi in advance, especially during peak seasons. 

Learn more about night trains

Travelling on a night train is like an adventure! Moreover, it is a comfortable and safe way to travel across Finland. Read more about our night train service, compartments and routes.

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A car-carrier train is a smart choice

You can save both nature and time by taking your car on the train and spending the night in the sleeping cabin.

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