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Continue your journey on HSL’s public transport

Smoother travel in the capital region

You can buy HSL’s single tickets to go with your journey in the VR Matkalla app. The bought train and HSL tickets can be easily found in the app. Tickets can be bought together with train journeys arriving in or leaving the HSL area.

HSL tickets can be purchased in the VR Matkalla app.

Buying and using an HSL single ticket

Before the journey

  • Search for a journey that starts or ends at a station located in the HSL area
  • Choose your train connection and add a public transport connection as the journey's first or last mile leg
  • Choose the zones you want for your HSL single ticket and enter your phone number
  • Add the HSL ticket to your order
  • Complete the order and pay for your train and HSL tickets in one go
  • After the payment, you will be able to find your tickets in the app’s Tickets section

During the journey

  • Before boarding an HSL vehicle or going to the platform of a metro station, activate your HSL single ticket in the app
  • Your HSL single ticket will become valid immediately after activation

    • The zones you chose will determine the length of your ticket’s validity period
  • If needed, present the activated HSL ticket to a driver, conductor or HSL ticket inspector
  • You can find the latest traffic information, schedules and help for route planning in HSL’s Journey Planner
  • Enjoy smooth travel!

Information about HSL tickets

  • Only HSL's single tickets can be bought together with a train journey in the VR Matkalla app.

  • HSL's single tickets can be bought when travelling with any of VR's passenger types. When you are buying HSL single tickets for your travel group, everyone in the group gets the same kind of HSL ticket.

  • HSL single tickets can be bought via the VR Matkalla app for train journeys that start or end in the HSL area.
  • HSL single tickets can be bought together both with VR’s long-distance and commuter traffic journeys.
  • Initially, HSL single tickets can only be bought when buying VR's single tickets.
  • The ticket for the onward connection by HSL must be activated within 24 hours after the train's arrival.

  • The new HSL single tickets do not have an effect on VR's train tickets. You may continue to buy train journeys that include a change to a commuter train in the capital region.

  • A VR service charge of EUR 0.30 per passenger is added to the price of a HSL ticket bought in the VR Matkalla app.
  • The cost of the HSL single ticket itself is the same as when bought from HSL.

HSL tickets and cancellations

HSL tickets and changes

  • Purchased HSL single tickets cannot be changed.
  • If you wish to change your train journey, the Nysse single ticket bought together with the original journey will be transferred to the new train journey.

Do you want to give feedback about the purchase and use of HSL tickets or about your journey on HSL traffic in general? We are happy to receive feedback in order to improve our service further.

You can give feedback to HSL about the following:

  • General feedback about travelling on HSL public transport
  • Feedback regarding the rolling stock, staff or announcements of HSL trains (A, E, I, K, L, P, U, X, Y)

  • Feedback regarding the other forms of HSL public transport (bus service, metros, trams, the ferry to Suomenlinna)
  • HSL penalty fares
  • A potential strike or work stoppage affecting HSL public transport

You can give feedback to VR about the following:

  • The ticket purchase process or use of the HSL ticket in the VR Matkalla app
  • Failure to buy or use an HSL ticket in the VR Matkalla app
  • General feedback about travelling on VR trains (long-distance traffic as well as R, T, D, G, M or Z commuter trains)

  • If your feedback concerns both VR and HSL

By giving feedback, you also consent to VR passing on the information provided in the feedback to HSL if needed and in accordance with VR’s data protection notice.

Enchanting Suomenlinna

Visiting the historical Suomenlinna fortress is ideal with train and an HSL ticket. Enjoy a train journey to Helsinki, wander through the city centre to the Market Square, and hop on to HSL's ferry with your readily purchased HSL ticket.

Take a delicious picnic with you and enjoy the sea views!

Diverse Uutela outdoors area

Uutela outdoor recreational area offers the most diverse hiking grounds in East Helsinki. It is located a short walk from Vuosaari metro station and offers something for everyone, whether it is a walk next to the shoreline, meadows, or in a forest. Arrival is easy with train and metro.

For smoother and greener travel

Why VR sells city traffic's tickets

We want to offer our customers an even easier way to travel to their destination using public transport. We are working to improve public transport ticket sales on the basis of customer feedback – this is only the beginning!

Give feedback about public transport tickets

Get public transport tickets from VR Matkalla app

The VR Matkalla app helps you at every stage of your journey. Buy public transport tickets together with your train journey and activate it before use.