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Take your bike with you and hop on a train!

You can travel with a bike on nearly all domestic long-distance and commuter trains. If you are travelling on an InterCity train, you must book a space for your bike in advance. On commuter trains, bikes can be transported free of charge in the designated spaces.

You can take your bike on nearly all of our trains. Take your bike with you on the train and continue your journey by bike after getting off the train!

Instructions for taking a bike on a train

Only buying a bike space

If you have a season ticket or a multi-ticket, you can only buy a bike space either from the station’s ticket office or by calling VR customer service at 0600 41 900 (€1.99 per answered call + local network charge).

Scooters on trains

Foldable scooters can be taken on a train free of charge as hand baggage. If the scooter is large and cannot be folded, you must book a space for it and pay the bike transport fee. 

Folding bikes, box bikes and tandems

  • You can transport a folding bike for free as ordinary baggage on all commuter and long-distance trains. Please note that the folding bike must be folded and in a bag so that it will not make other passengers’ baggage dirty.
  • Very large folding bikes will not fit in the overhead racks or baggage lockers of long-distance trains. Large folding bikes can be transported as ordinary bikes.
  • Unfortunately, there is no space on trains for transporting box bikes, cargo bikes or tandems.