Experience all of Finland with one ticket

The holiday ticket takes you wherever you want!

Around Finland with the holiday ticket

The holiday ticket is here again and takes you to your summer adventures. You can choose between a 7, 9, 14 or 30 consecutive days validity time during which you can hop on trains all around Finland. Inspire yourself with the tips on this page and hop on the train to reach your summer endeavours for experiencing Finland.

Holiday tickets can be purchased in the VR Matkalla app that you sign into using your VR username.
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Holiday ticket terms and conditions

Visit nature by train

Take the train to the breathtaking scenery of national parks and natural attractions. We’ve put together hiking and camping sites, which can be conveniently accessed even without your own car.

Read more about the natural attractions

Smoothly from door to door

Combine the best aspects of different modes of transport and travel smoothly to your destination. When you pay with a holiday ticket, you can add to your train trip tickets for local transport, parking at stations, taxi rides from the station or even car rental at a lower price.

An adventure for the whole family

Make an unforgettable journey with the whole family. Children get a 50% discount on their holiday tickets!

Seat reservation or a bit of extra?

With your personal holiday ticket, you can reserve an unlimited number of trips during the 7, 9, 14 or 30 days you have selected as the validity of your ticket. Your ticket includes an Eko Class seat.

For a surcharge, you can upgrade your seat to the Ekstra Class or travel with your bike or pet.

Holiday ticket travels in your phone

The VR Matkalla app helps you at every stage of your journey. In the app, you can book single journeys with your holiday ticket in advance or spontaneously as you travel.

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