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Interrail Passes

Take the train to Europe!

Travel by land in Europe! The train is an ecological mode of transport suitable for different budgets. There are two kinds of Interrail Passes available: the Interrail Global Pass that covers many countries and the country-specific Interrail One Country Pass. Choose the option that best suits you and start your adventure!

An Interrail Pass allows you to travel freely around Europe for a period of up to three months!

Interrail Global Pass

Learn more about the Pass that covers all Interrail countries

Discounts with Interrail Passes

Many extra benefits and discounts

Certain shipping companies, private railway companies and bus companies grant discounts on certain transfer connections for persons holding a valid Interrail Pass.

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The railway companies along your journey

The Interrail network consists of several railway and ferry companies and public transport operators in altogether 33 countries. You can book a seat in advance with them when planning your trip.

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Interrail One Country Pass

Learn more about the country-specific Interrail Pass

See the world by train

Children travel for free

Did you know that children under 12 years of age can Interrail for free in the company of an adult pass holder? Each adult can be accompanied by up to two children.

How do I buy an Interrail Pass?

Before buying an Interrail Pass

  • You can buy an Interrail Pass in all of VR’s service points at the earliest 11 months before the beginning of the trip.
  • Interrail Passes are not sold on the website but you can buy them from the international website
  • When the Pass is bought, the validity period is marked on it. 
  • When buying an Interrail Pass, you need a valid passport or personal identity card. Please note that a driving license is not accepted. If you intend to use your personal identity card as proof of identity during your trip, check whether it is accepted in the countries where you intend to travel. 

After you have bought an Interrail Pass

  • If your trip is cancelled in its entirety before the first journey day, the price of the Interrail Pass is refunded to you with a service charge deducted from it. 
  • You can make changes to your Interrail Pass. If you haven't yet used your ticket, you can postpone its start date by up to 11 months from the date of purchase.
  • Interrail Passes are mainly used without a seat reservation. However, some European railway companies require seat reservations on certain trains. You can find more information about seat reservations on the website.  
  • We recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy. Insurance provides extra protection in many situations, for instance if you have bought a Promotional Pass and have to cancel your trip due to illness.  

For the homebound journey

Your Interrail Pass is not valid in your country of residence, apart from leaving and re-entering when travelling on Global Pass. If you want to save travelling days on your Pass, you can purchase a separate ticket for domestic travel.

How to go Interrailing from Finland

An easy way to travel to European cities is to cross the Baltic Sea on a ship. Persons holding an Interrail Pass get a discount on one-way tickets. For timetables, see the websites of the shipping companies.

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The best journey app for an Interrailer

The Rail Planner App is very helpful already during the planning of the trip. The app includes train timetables, a route planner and seat booking tool, travel information for your destinations and more. The app is free and does not require an internet connection.

Read more and download the app

Interrail was born in 1972

Initially, 22 countries participated and passes were only sold to travellers under 21 years of age. Today, you can Interrail in almost all of Europe and there is no age restriction.

Interrail is becoming more popular

Interrail has always been popular among the young, but adults and the elderly are also becoming more and more interested in this form of travel.