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Train tickets

Cancel­lation insurance

When should I get cancellation insurance?

You can cancel your journey if your plans change. The price of the train ticket and the additional services purchased will be refunded to you. The cancellation insurance fee will not be refunded.

Cancellation insurance costs EUR 5–19 on top of your ticket, depending on the length of your journey.

Your safety is important to us

We have compiled tips for ensuring your train travel is as safe as possible. You find the most current information concerning train travel as well as the most frequently asked questions here.

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Cancellation insurance lets you plan your journey flexibly

  • Thanks to cancellation insurance, you can cancel your ticket and get back the price of the ticket if your plans change.
  • The price of cancellation insurance is EUR 5–19 per ticket and direction, depending on the length of your journey.
  • You can buy cancellation insurance for saver and basic tickets, i.e. for individual seats or sleeping berths.
  • You can also buy cancellation insurance for a ticket with a cabin from the website or from the VR Matkalla app. Cancellation insurance always concerns the entire cabin; it does not cover the cancellation of individual seats of the cabin.

Information about cancellation insurance

Night trains and car-carrier trains

You can cancel a ticket for a night train if you bought cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance cannot be added to car-carrier train packages, but you can cancel your package up to 7 days before departure. The fee is 10% of the ticket price.

Wondering whether to get cancellation insurance?

Cancellation insurance is a good choice especially when the tickets are expensive and you would feel sorry if you ended up not using them. If you cancel the journey, the price of cancellation insurance is low and it can help you save a lot of money.

Please note
Cancellation insurance must be bought at the same time as the ticket