Season ticket

Season tickets for long-distance and commuter traffic for those who travel a lot

One purchase, lots of trips

A season ticket is the best option if you travel the same route almost daily using long-distance trains or VR commuter traffic. You can get a season ticket for either Eco or Ekstra class and use it for travel in both directions on the chosen route.

You can find season tickets from the VR Matkalla app
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How to buy season tickets

Here are instructions for buying a season ticket. More information about the product below.

Download the VR Matkalla app

Log in to the app

  • Log in to the app using your VR username.
  • If you do not have a username for our services, you can create it here.

Buy season tickets

  • You can then start buying season tickets.
  • You will receive ticket information to your email address, but you can find the actual ticket entitling you to the journey in the VR Matkalla app.
  • Show your valid season ticket in the app when the conductor is checking tickets.

Season tickets from the VR Matkalla app

Travel as much as you want during the validity of the ticket. With a season ticket, you can board trains at all times.

This is the season ticket

  • Season tickets are available for several different durations, for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of one year. The longer the season you choose, the cheaper you will travel.
  • You can compare the durations and prices of different periods in the app and explore the durations of different periods in the Validity Periods section.
  • You can choose to start the season from the time of purchase or within the next 120 days.
  • You can buy a season ticket for Eko or Ekstra Class. Eko Class season tickets are the most affordable option for frequent travellers and are valid for all Eko Class seats. With an Ekstra Class season ticket, you can choose your place in the Ekstra Class, but also upstairs of the restaurant car or in the Eko Class.
  • You can book a seat for your long distance trip in the app free of charge or sit on the quota seats reserved for passengers with a season ticket.
  • Season tickets for long-distance trains are valid also on the commuter trains on the same route.
  • In the app, you can follow your own train with notifications for possible delays or changes.
  • The season ticket personal, so remember to bring your ID with you .
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A yearly ticket pays off

The longer the season, the cheaper the daily cost. When you buy a season ticket for the whole year in one go from the VR Matkalla app, you save at least the price of a ticket of 3,5 months (when compared to bying 30-day season tickets monthly).

Seat reservation

You can reserve a seat for all your long-distance trips with your season ticket in the VR Matkalla app. You can also add more comfort to your trip by upgrading your seat or get more space by purchasing also the seat next to yours.

A little Ekstra for your commute

Would you like to travel a little more comfortably every day? With the Ekstra class season ticket, your daily trips have a touch of luxury. You can now get your season ticket for Ekstra class from the VR Matkalla app.

Pay your ticket with Edenred, Epassi and Smartum

Use your commuting benefit

Remember to use your commuting benefit by the end of the year! With the Epassi, Edenred or Smartum, you can pay for single, multi- and season tickets in the VR Matkalla app. You can use the ticket for traveling for work and on free time.

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Which routes are included in the VR commuter traffic area and which belong to the HSL area?

VR’s commuter traffic encompasses traffic operated with commuter trains with line IDs in areas from Helsinki to Kotka and Nokia. VR’s commuter traffic tickets are not valid on VR’s long-distance trains.

Tickets for the HSL area are bought according to the HSL zones. The HSL area is divided into four zones, identified by the letters A, B, C and D, spreading out from the centre of Helsinki.

Check the traffic areas

Information about season tickets