Train travel with a pet

Pets are welcome on board

Are you travelling with a pet? Welcome on board! All of our trains have seats suitable for travelling comfortably with dogs, cats or other pets.

Pets can travel by the feet of their owners or on their own seat.
Travel in comfort with your pet

On a train, pets have sufficient space to move around and stretch their legs. Air-conditioned coaches stay cool and comfortable even in the heat of summer. Trains ride smoothly, so even pets susceptible to motion sickness can enjoy train travel.

All our trains have seats for travelling smoothly with your dog, cat or other pet.
Bring your pet along on all trains

Pets can travel on long-distance trains for € 4–8, depending on the length of the journey. On commuter trains, pets travel for free. Pets can travel with their owner only in the pet seats or in the pet compartments on night trains.

A woman and a cat are travelling on a train.

Order restaurant car treats to your seat in the pet car

From the VR matkalla app

You can order meals with beverages from the restaurant car and have them delivered to your own seat. Start your order from the app's home page and choose from a selection of restaurant car's most popular dishes.

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Pets on IC, Pendolino and regional trains

Pets in VR’s commuter traffic

Pets on night trains

When a train has been replaced with a bus

Travelling by train with a pet?

Please consider the following:

  • On both long-distance trains and commuter trains, pets always travel in the separately marked areas.
  • If you are travelling with a pet on a long-distance train, please buy your pet seat at the same time as your own ticket. If your pet does not have its own seat, you can buy one from the train conductor.
  • Pets may not travel in other parts of the train.
  • Pets may not travel unaccompanied. During the journey, a pet may not be left unattended.
  • Please make sure that your dog has had all vaccinations and is house-trained.
  • Dogs travel on lead on the floor in front of their owner’s seat. Other pets travel in their pet carrier on the floor in front of their owner’s seat.
  • It is a good idea to pack some fresh water and a water bowl for the pet.
  • Your dog can travel comfortably on the floor if you bring a soft blanket.
  • Please note that there may be other pets travelling in the same coach. Please make sure that your pet will not disturb other passengers and pets.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot pop into the restaurant car with your pet, but you can order goodies from the restaurant to your seat easily on the VR Matkalla app.
  • Guide dogs, assistance and hearing dogs may travel in any passenger compartment for free and they are allowed in the restaurant car as well. 

On a train with a guide dog

Guide dogs, assistance and hearing dogs are welcome to travel in any passenger compartment without a separate pet charge.

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Travelling with a multi-ticket?

If you wish to purchase a seat for your pet, you can do so in the VR Matkalla app or by contacting the service station ticket office or VR customer service. Go to Customer service page.

Travelling with a multi-ticket?