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Get to the airport by train

Get directly to the airport by train

Forget parking fees and traffic jams

You can get to Helsinki Airport with just one train ticket from anywhere in Finland. From the airport’s railway station, you can easily walk to either of the airport’s terminals without even needing to go outside.

What kind of ticket should you buy?

You can travel all the way to the airport with a ticket for long-distance traffic (including season tickets and multi-tickets) by selecting Helsinki Airport as your destination. Your ticket will include a transfer to a commuter train that will take you directly to the airport.

The transfer time included in tickets for long-distance traffic is 80 min.

You can travel to the airport with a ticket for commuter traffic (including season tickets and multi-tickets) by selecting Helsinki Airport as your destination.

Travel to the airport with an HSL ticket

If you are travelling inside the capital region, you will need an HSL ticket. The HSL area is divided into four zones. You will need an ABC ticket for travelling from Helsinki city centre to Helsinki Airport or vice versa.

Read more about HSL-tickets

You can travel to the airport with a train ticket for travel between Finland and Russia. You will not need to buy a separate ticket for the train to the airport. Your ticket is valid on commuter trains to the airport for 80 minutes after the train from Russia has arrived at the station where you will change trains.

The trains and stations of the Ring Rail Line

I and P trains run on the Ring Rail Line. I trains run counterclockwise (Helsinki–Tikkurila–Airport–Myyrmäki–Helsinki) and P trains run clockwise (Helsinki–Myyrmäki–Airport–Tikkurila–Helsinki). The trains stop at all stations.

What is the current traffic status?

Disruptions and changes

You can check the current locations of trains and find out whether your train is on time and whether there are any disruptions.

Check the latest traffic information

An easy connection to the airport from anywhere in Finland

The Ring Rail Line was created when the Vantaankoski line and the main line were connected with a new 18 km line running between them. Five new stations were opened: Kivistö, Aviapolis, Helsinki Airport, Leinelä and Vehkala. The Ring Rail Line, which was opened in 2015, was one of the most significant public transport projects in the history of the Helsinki region.

The line is part of the capital region’s commuter train traffic system. It also serves to connect long-distance train traffic to air traffic and offers an easy connection to Helsinki Airport from anywhere in Finland.