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Night trains

Tickets to night trains

Overnight to the north or south

Travel on a night train and experience the unique atmosphere in northern Finland or go on a holiday in the south in Turku or Helsinki. Our comfortable sleeper cars will take you there and you can also take your car with you on night trains.

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The earlier you buy your night train ticket, the more likely you are to get it at a low price.

Most popular night train routes

Tampere – Kolari

2 people, own cabin (EUR 98)
Starting from
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Helsinki – Rovaniemi

1 person, own cabin
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Night train tickets

Relax and rest in your own cabin when travelling on a night train. For a shorter journey a cheaper seat ticket is a good choice.

Night train tickets

Seat and sleeping cabin tickets

Act fast – only a limited number of tickets is available for each route. When saver tickets are sold out, basic tickets at normal prices will go on sale.

Sleeping cabins soon available on new sales channels

Coming soon

At the moment, sleeping cabins can only be booked through our older website, but we aim to have them available through this new website and the new VR Matkalla app soon.

Timetables for night trains and car-carrier trains

We have published our new timetables, and you can now buy night train tickets until October 2021.

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Travel by night train

We have sleeper cabins for various needs and situations.

Upstairs or downstairs?

  • Add luxury to your journey with an upstairs cabin which has a shower and toilet.
  • The downstairs cabins are more inexpensive, with showers and toilets along the aisles.
  • You can also choose to purchase a ticket for a seat, which usually has a lower price than a sleeper cabin.
  • Cabins are for 1–2 or 1–3 people.
  • You can also select an adjoining downstairs cabin (2 + 2 persons), with a partition that can be opened. You can book these cabins via our customer service.
  • The cabins have bunk beds.
  • Our night trains also have accessible and pet cabins.
  • At the moment, we are not selling sleeping berths in shared cabins, which means that the cabin is always safely used by only you and your travel companions.
  • Children between the ages of 0 and 10 travel on night trains for free when sharing a berth with another passenger. However, note that the beds are 0.75 metres wide and 2.00 metres long. Travelling will be more comfortable when you book separate beds for bigger children.
  • For the time being, you can only buy seat tickets for night trains in the VR Matkalla app. Our aim is to have sleeper cabins available there as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

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Children on night trains

Children on night trains

Children under 11 years of age can travel for free on night trains in the same sleeping cabin as their parents if they don't need a separate sleeping berth.

Accessible night trains

Accessible night trains

All of our night trains have accessible sleeping cabins with a floor area of 4 m2.

Cars on night trains

Travel by night train and continue your journey well rested in the morning with your own car. CarTrain packages include a transfer-free night train journey for 1–6 passengers and a car.

Free assistant ticket

If you have an illness or injury and you need assistance during your journey, you may be eligible for a free assistant ticket. The assistant must travel the same leg as the assisted person.

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Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance gives you peace of mind if your travel plans are not yet fixed. If you have purchased cancellation insurance for your ticket for a long-distance train, the train ticket price will be compensated in full if you are not able to travel for any reason.

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Children, pensioners, students, conscripts and persons undergoing non-military service get a discount on our train tickets. Persons travelling with a visually impaired or a disabled person may travel for free with an assistant’s ticket.

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Group discounts

Train trips for more than 9 persons

Price depends on the group size, travel date and the selected train. Contact our Group Sales for more detailed price information.

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Top 3 night trains

The most popular route of all time is Helsinki–Rovaniemi, the second most popular train route is Helsinki–Kolari and Tampere–Rovaniemi is number three. 

Tip for trainspotters

Take advantage of the longer stop when travelling on a train to Kolari. That's when the electric locomotive is switched to a diesel one. That's because the railway line from Kemi to Kolari is not electrified.