Santa Claus Express Finland, the route to winter wonderland

Embark on a journey. A journey from Helsinki to Lapland. You’ll travel through wintery landscapes, passing cities and forests with snow capped trees. The Santa Claus Express takes you comfortably to either Rovaniemi, Kolari or Kemijärvi.

Travel to Lapland by taking the original Santa Claus Express train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. The unique Finnish nature awaits you and invites you to experience the magic of winter in Lapland. The Santa train takes you to the doorstep of Santa himself, the arctic circle and the Finnish winter wonderland.

Santa train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi

The double-decker night train, the Santa train, is a comfortable way to travel to Lapland. There are several daily connections to choose from and you can select between having a seat or your very own sleeper cabin. Onboard you may taste the delicious food on the menu of the restaurant car, relax in front of the big window of your cabin before going to bed and wake up in the morning refreshed having breakfast delivered to you.

The Santa Express train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi has all the amenities to make your trip smooth and enjoyable. The trains feature wifi, cabins are equipped with power sockets and at your choice even your own shower and toilet. Should you need to, you can book a spot for your car, take a bike with you and also bring luggage. The Santa train is also the greenest way to travel to Lapland. Have a look at our tips here to make your trip smooth.

Visit the Arctic Circle in Finland

Rovaniemi, the destination of the Santa express, is situated where the arctic circle begins. The buzzing hometown of Santa Claus is home to some 63 000 people. The city plan is designed to shape the head of a reindeer, a design planned by Alvar Aalto who is one of the national architects of Finland.

Image by Santa Claus Foundation

There are plenty of winter activities to suit all ages in Rovaniemi. The Santa Claus Village, Opens in a new tab is situated just a few kilometers from the city centre, where you can meet Santa himself and his reindeers making it a great family activity. Traveling with a loved one or spending time with friends? The Ice Bar or Ice Restaurant, Opens in a new tab treat you with a unique cocktail or dinner experience.

The area is great for spotting northern lights too, in Finnish: “Revontulet”. The Finnish name dates centuries back and comes from a myth in which a fox sweeps its tail against the arctic hills, creating sparks and friction that cause the amazing light phenomena. Autumn and late winter are the best times to spot the northern lights. Rovaniemi is also a gateway to many other destinations in Lapland, some of which we gathered for you here.

Experience the winter of a lifetime and book your trip to meet Santa!

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