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Restaurant car

Enjoy good food as the scenery passes by

Our restaurant cars and sales trolleys are at your service throughout your train journey. The sales trolleys are at your service on trains that lack the restaurant car.

Tip! Take a peek into the Messages section of the VR Matkalla app and you will find restaurant car perks that are available to app users only.
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The restaurant car now offers an even wider range of pasta dishes

Would you like a pesto pasta with Finnish alder-smoked rainbow trout or a hearty pasta carbonara?

Our chicken pesto pasta is topped off with parmesan and a grilled chicken fillet. Our rich tomato pesto pasta will surely charm both vegetarians and flexitarians.

Pasta dishes from the restaurant car cost €12.20–14.10. All the pasta dishes are lactose-free. The tomato pesto pasta is also vegan.

Restaurant car favourites to your sleeper cabin

You can order selected meals from a restaurant car to your cabin . Order the goodies from the conductor and we deliver them straight to your sleeper cabin.

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Restaurant car opening hours

Tasty food all day

The restaurant car on our day trains is at your service for the entire journey. On night trains, the restaurant car is closed for a few hours during the night but opens to serve you again early in the morning.

Enjoy delicacies in the comfort of your own seat

Restaurant car takeaway service

Did you know you can buy food and non-alcoholic drinks from the restaurant car and enjoy them in your seat? Read a book, watch a movie or enjoy the scenery as it passes by in comfort while you eat.

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Creamy salmon soup & bread

Mouth watering and delicious salmon soup.

Extensive drink selection

The restaurant car’s proprietary Kisko lager is a refreshingly simple thirst quencher.

Meatballs & mashed potatoes

The all-time favourite, with over 80,000 portions sold each year.

This summer tastes like salmon


This summer's treat in the restaurant car is the tasty salmon, served with summer potatoes. Try also the Baltic Brew from Stallhagen and by doing so, protect the Baltic Sea. Welcome to enjoy!

Restaurant car menu

Welcome to the restaurant car! Our wide selection of tasty dishes is updated twice a year and is complemented with seasonal and new products.

Meatballs & mashed potatoes
Bigger portion of meatballs
Pasta Carbonara
Pesto pasta with chicken
Pesto pasta with smoked salmon
Pesto pasta with tomato
L,G(bread L, topping vegan)
Salmon soup, bread with spread
Cheese omelett
L (nakilla L, G)
Cheese omelett with chicken or with frankfurters
Club sandwich
Sandwich with salad or chips
Giant meat pie
Giant meat pie with frankfurters
Cup of frankfurters
Pie with spinach & broccoli, salad
Slice of pizza
Slice of pizza with salad
Kids’ meatballs
Kids’ meatballs + soft drink + ice cream
Caesar salad with chicken
Caesar salad natural
Smoked salmon and tzatziki salad
Warm falafel salad & herb sauce
Tomato and mozzarella salad
Side order salad
All day breakfast
Porridge + coffee or tea + juice
Oatmeal porridge with berries

Benefits with the VR Matkalla app

When you have the VR Matkalla app on your phone, you get a discount from selected meals, drinks and snacks in the restaurant car.

Show the app at checkout and enjoy these treats a little cheaper:

Large coffee 2,80 € (normally 3,20 €)

Tomato-pesto pasta (V) 10,50 € (11,40 €)

Mansikka- tai vaniljajäätelö 2,80 € (3,20 €)

Mineral water 2,80 (3,20 €)

Vignana Prosecco sparkling wine (20 cl) 9,90 € (10,90 €)

Gato Negro wines (25 cl) 10,90 € (11,90 €)

Offers are valid until further notice. The discounted price is listed in bold, the normal price in brackets.

Enjoy the night train restaurant atmosphere

You can enjoy dinner while the scenery changes and eat breakfast when approaching your destination. All our night trains have a restaurant car.

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Make a table reservation

You can make a table reservation for a train. When you reserve a seat upstairs in a restaurant car, you can buy meals and drinks downstairs and enjoy them at your seat. The entire restaurant car is licensed for alcohol consumption.

A cheerful group is toasting with sparkling wine in the upstairs of the restaurant car.

Take the kids to the restaurant car

The kids will also love restaurant car selection. On InterCity trains, the restaurant car is conveniently next to the coach with a play area. If you prefer, take your drinks and meals and enjoy them in comfort of your own seat.

Customised meal service for your group

Order meals in advance

Does your group want morning coffee, a tasty lunch or perhaps dinner with sparkling wine? Browse through our diverse selection and reserve our customised meal service for your group in advance. 

2,160,000 cups of coffee

Finnish coffee lovers drink an amazing 2.1 million cups of coffee each year. Cinnamon rolls are the perfect partner coffee. A variety of sandwiches, smoothies and yoghurts are also popular snacks available in the restaurant car.

The restaurant car’s number one choice

With over 80,000 portions sold each year, meatballs and mashed potatoes is clearly the all-time favourite meal in the restaurant car. In total, over 200,000 different meals are served in our restaurant cars each year.