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Where to go for Easter holiday 2023?

Easter 2023

This year, Easter is celebrated in the beginning of April from 7 Sept to 10 Sept. Where would you like to travel this year?

It's getting lighter outside by the day. Spend your Easter enjoying the glow of the snow in the sunlight or exploring a city!

Easter break 2023

This year Easter falls in the beginning of April.

Having a holiday over Easter?

Easter is a great time to have a break from your everyday and enjoy the spring sun! Are you hoping to go skiing in Lapland? Have a look at our tips for an active winter holiday.

Easter holidays dates for 2023:

  • Good Friday 7 April
  • Holy Saturday 8 April
  • Easter Sunday 9 April
  • Easter Monday 10 April
  • The wandering witches go from door to door blessing homes in return for treats on Palm Sunday 2 April.

By train to ski resorts

Travelling to Lapland is comfortable by train and smooth connections! Search for a journey to your destination and enjoy a night train journey to Rovaniemi, Kolari or Kemijärvi. From the train station, you can continue your journey.

Learn about travel to North

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