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Travelling in Finland

Ideas for travel in Finland

Do you need inspiration for a weekend holiday, Lapland adventures or even a longer holiday trip around Finland? Wake up your inner traveller here!

Visit nature destinations by train

You can travel to several beautiful nature attractions in Finland without spending hours in your car. The backpack and tent travel with you on the train, and you can use the travel time to plan hiking routes, for example.

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Junaile tapahtumiin

Anna junan kuljettaa sinua kohti lempitapahtumiasi – tutustu kesän tapahtumiin ja löydä reittisi!

Katso tapahtumat

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Explorers’ dream route

Finland is an endless treasure trove for explorers, capable of surprising even the most experienced adventurers. Together with Metsähallitus, the Finnish forest administration, we put together a list of the best natural attractions that are easily reached by train. So, pack your backpack and hop on the train!

Explorers’ dream route