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Night trains

Loading a car onto the train

We will help you load and unload your car during a CarTrain journey.

Save an entire day of your trip onboard CarTrain

You arrive in a flash when you load your car onto the train and sleep overnight in the sleeping compartment. It’s easier to load a car onto the train than you think!

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There’s no need to be nervous about the loading

As a rule, drivers load and unload their cars onto the train by themselves. In some cases, we can load the car for you.

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A CarTrain package is a smart choice

You save both nature and time by taking your car on the train and spending the night in the sleeping cabin.

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Remember the following when loading your car onto the train

There’s no need to be nervous about the loading

This is how you load your car by yourself

  • As a rule, you will always load and unload your own car by yourself.
  • Especially non-standard (e.g. lowered) vehicles and cars with trailers must always be loaded and unloaded by the driver.
  • We want to make sure that you are safe – please load and unload your car when you are alone. Meanwhile, your travel companion can have a cup of coffee at the station.
  • Reserve enough time for loading the car. You can find the exact load time on your ticket.
  • Remember to pack a separate overnight bag to take with you whatever you may need in the sleeping compartment. The rest of the baggage you can leave in the car.
  • Once you have loaded your car, engage the car’s parking brake, turn off the air-conditioning/heating and lock the car.
  • There’s no need to be nervous about the loading or unloading – our employees will help you throughout all the stages of it.

When we will load your car for you

  • If you cannot load or unload your car yourself, we will load it for you.
  • You might be unable to load or unload your car yourself when you are, for example, travelling alone with kids or if you are disabled or have mobility impairments.
  • Always remember to choose the car loading service already when purchasing the CarTrain package. The service is free of charge.
  • Park your car for loading in a designated parking space at the departure date.
  • You can find the exact load time on your ticket.
  • Deliver the keys to the hand-over location well in advance.
  • Parking spaces and places for handing over the keys are station-specific and you can find them on the station’s website.

Timetables for night trains and car-carrier trains

We have published new timetables; you now can start planning your night train trips until October 2021.

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CarTrain­ package

On a car-carrier train you travel comfortably and get a good night's sleep. CarTrain packages include a night train journey for 1–6 passengers and a car.

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Car spaces sold out on the desired train?

Send your car to the destination on its own 1–5 days in advance and follow with a night train that suits your schedule. Book a separate car transport service for your CarTrain package via customer service, tel. 0600 41 900 (EUR 1.99/answered call + LNC).

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