Practical tips for car-carrier passengers

A car-carrier takes you and your car or motorcycle from one end of Finland to the other. What should you consider before the trip and at the car-carrier stations? Read our tips for a successful and comfortable journey!

Before the journey

  • As a rule, you will load and unload your own car by yourself. There’s no need to be nervous about the loading or unloading – we will help you. Read about loading
  • Lowered cars and cars with a trailer and hem, front and boot spoilers, special exhaust piping and other similar accessories are always transported under the customer’s own responsibility. Such vehicles must always be loaded by the customer.
  • Please check your reservation details and make sure your car matches the dimensions listed to ensure it fits into the car-carrier. Please note that the given dimensions must also include cargo boxes or other racks. Make sure you leave enough time for getting to the loading site and come to the station well before loading begins.
  • Get ready to show your ticket to the loading personnel and follow their instructions.
  • Remember to pack a separate overnight bag to take with you whatever you may need in the sleeping compartment. The rest of the baggage you can leave in the car.
  • Please contact our customer service if your trip is cancelled, as this may impact the loading order.

At the departure station:

  • No other passengers or pets are allowed in the car when you drive into the car-carrier wagon. Pets are also not allowed to be left in the car for the duration of the journey. Car-carrier stations have a waiting room where your travel party can wait.
  • Our personnel will tell you when it is your turn to load the car and guide you to your place.
  • We recommend turning the car alarm off for the duration of the train journey. The vibration and movement of the train can easily set the alarm off.
  • Electric cars cannot be charged on the car-carrier.
  • The use of an engine heater or Webasto in a car-carrier wagon is permitted.
  • For safety reasons, your vehicle may not be left idling in a car-carrier wagon during loading or unloading.
  • You must leave the car-carrier immediately after loading. Remember to be careful and pay attention to vehicles driving into the wagon.
  • After loading, go to the departure platform of the night train to wait for its departure.
  • Please note: Cars are loaded onto the car-carrier at the Pasila car-carrier station, while passengers board at the adjoining Pasila railway station.

At the destination station:

  • Go to the car-carrier station and wait for the personnel’s instructions and your turn. Reserve enough time for unloading.
  • Do not board the car-carrier without the personnel’s permission. Use only the designated paths to access your car.
  • If your car is outdoors, be sure to check that there is no snow or ice in the engine compartment before starting the car.
  • Wait until the car in front of you has left the wagon to start your car.
  • Drive to the indicated parking area and then pick up your passengers.
  • Check your vehicle and report any problems to the personnel before leaving the station.

Is VR loading or unloading your car for you?

  • You might be unable to load or unload your car yourself when you are, for example, travelling alone with kids or if you are disabled or have mobility impairments.
  • Always remember to choose the car loading service already when purchasing the ticket to your car. The service is free of charge.
  • If you leave the car for VR to load, attach the following information to the car keys: your name, telephone number, departure date, train, departure station, destination station, car make and model, and car registration number.
  • Drop off the keys no later than 30 minutes before the loading begins. Pick up the keys from the car-carrier station after the journey. The key drop-off locations are station-specific. You can find more details on each station’s website. Find your station here
  • Get ready to show your ticket when you pick up your car keys.

Further information on night trains and car-carriers

This is how you load a motorcycle onto the train

Have a pleasant journey on the car-carrier!

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