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For travel agencies

This page contains important information for travel agencies

Allegro train traffic

The Allegro train service is discontinued for now.

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Use our convenient online shop

If you already have a username for our online shop, you can use it for your transactions.

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Customer information and invoicing

Collaboration agreements and invoicing

We assist in updating customer information and in collaboration agreement and billing matters. You will also receive support in using the online store.

  • Service hours Mon-Thu 10 a.m.–3 p.m. (UTC+2)
  • tel. +358 307 26595

Travel agency customer service

Services for travel agencies, group offers, meals for groups in domestic long-distance traffic and on Allegro trains

  • tel. +358 307 23705
  • Service by phone Mon–Thu 10 a.m.–3 p.m. (UTC+2)

Change to booking of a car on a trip

In the future, a car will be added to the travel reservation as an additional service. Travel agencies can buy a sleeping cabin or a seat reservation at the online shop and book a car as an additional service via our travel agency service: tel. 0307 23705

General information for travel agencies

  • The invoicing period changes during the night between each Friday and Saturday.
  • Our system will automatically send an invoice for all purchases made during the past week.
  • Please make sure that you have the correct sums and reference numbers when paying our invoices. This is required in order for us to allocate your payments to the corresponding invoices.
  • Please make sure that you pay all invoices by the due date. If an invoice is overdue, an invoice for interest on arrears will be generated according to the terms of payment.
  • Unpaid invoices are automatically transferred to collection by a debt collection agency.
  • When you receive a credit note from us, please notify us about the invoice on which the credit will be applied by sending the invoice number by e-mail to
  • Remember to always inform us about any changes to the invoicing address or new contact persons for invoice-related matters.

If you have any questions about invoicing, you can turn to our invoicing team:

  • We would like to point out that the order confirmation does not qualify for a train ticket.
  • Please remind your customers that they must always have a valid train ticket (electronic or printed) with them when travelling.
  • Customers travelling between Finland and Russia must also have a valid passport and visa according to the destination country’s regulations and instructions.

A compartment from travel agency customer service

Book a private compartment for 2-6 through our travel agency services. A compartment is a peaceful place to work or relax.

Group bookings at VR’s travel agency services

  • The minimum number of passengers per group ticket is 10.
  • All passengers travelling on a group ticket must travel on board the same train and in the same class.
  • A group ticket must be collected at once.

  • Ask customised offer for your group

  • Ask us about group-specific change and cancellation policies

Group bookings at the online shop for travel agencies

  • The number of passengers per group ticket is 6-40.
  • All passengers travelling on a group ticket must travel on board the same train and in the same class.
  • A group ticket must be collected at once.

  • The group discount is -5% off the single ticket price
  • Prepayment is not required

  • Group ticket is to be paid latest 14 days before the departure
  • 14-10 days before the departure, change fee 10% of the group price
  • 14-10 days before the departure, cancellation fee 20% of the group price
  • 9-0 days before the departure cancellation fee is 100% of the group price
  • Cancelling part of the group is not possible

Restaurant services for groups

Breakfast, lunch or snacks?

The restaurant car offers a wide variety of choices catering to various needs. Reserve meals in advance so we can customise our service to the needs of group.

Information on booking meals

Travel through Finland on a night train

A safe and environmentally friendly choice

Night trains take you from Helsinki or Turku to Oulu, Kolari, Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi and back.

More about night trains

Luggage on trains

Conveniently by train

Do you know your luggage limit on a train? Do you need to store large bags, skis or snowboards during your journey?

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Peace and quiet in Ekstra Class

When you want to work or simply travel more peacefully

More spacious and even safer train travelling.

About the Ekstra Class

Cancellation insurance

You can buy cancellation insurance for single tickets for long-distance traffic, i.e. for individual seats or sleeping berths.

  • Cancellation insurance costs EUR 5–19 per ticket and direction, depending on the length of your journey.
  • No discounts are offered on cancellation insurance.

Cancellation insurance must be bought at the same time as the ticket.

You can buy cancellation insurance from:

  • VR's online shop
  • By phone from our travel agency customer service

You can make a cancellation on the VR's online shop

If you cancel your journey, the price of the ticket and any additional services purchased will be refunded. However, please note that the cost of the cancellation insurance will not be refunded.

Train tickets

Train tickets for all occasions – view our ticket offering and discounts.

Train tickets


Our wide range of services guarantees that you will have a pleasant experience even during a long journey.



Easily through Finland by transporting your car with you on the train

Admire the wilderness, conquer fells and enjoy peaceful moments in nature. You can save a whole day by transporting your car with you on the train.

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