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'On track' – stay updated on train traffic


We've replaced the Train traffic now page with the new On track service. The new traffic bulletin combines the Live Train Tracker Map, information about track work of the FTIA as well as questions and answers related to traffic disruptions.

On track page

Start your summer journey

On your way to Grandma's, your holiday destination or to the greatest festival summer of all times?

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Changing your train tickets

Did you know that you can easily change your train ticket on VR Matkalla app or if you bought it logged in? You can also add your anonymously bought ticket to your VR account using the order- and reference numbers of your ticket.

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Experience all of Finland with one ticket

Choose when you want to travel and for how long. You can choose a 7, 9, 14 or 30 day validity period for you ticket, during which you're free to travel as much as you like within the Finnish rail network.

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The train is a great way to travel with a group

You can start your team day already on the train or get a relaxed start to your trip with a hobby group. Aboard a train, you can chat and eat already on the way, and group sales will help you.

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