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Single ticket for long-distance traffic

Travel comfortably onboard the long-distance trains' Eko class.

Single tickets for long-distance traffic

Single tickets for long-distance trains have varying pricing. To get a good price, buy your ticket well in advance.

Discounts on tickets

Children, students, pensioners, and conscripts are eligible for a discount.

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Information on the single tickets

More comfortable travel

Buy some extra comfort for you journey by reserving a seat in the Ekstra Class  or, when travelling on an InterCity train,  an upstairs seat in the restaurant car. 

Changes and cancellations for single tickets

You can make changes to your long-distance traffic single tickets before the scheduled departure of the train. The change fee is 5 €/ticket.

Change your ticket in the app or at

You can change your ticket easily in the app or online at if you have made your purchases in the app or logged in at You can also add your anonymously bought ticket to your account on the VR Matkalla app and make changes afterwards. A ticket that has been activated through self-service will be considered used and cannot be changed or cancelled.

New time of the trip

You can change the dates of your trip only for the available sales period, until 26 Oct on day trains and until 15 Jun 2025 on night trains.

Change your ticket by contacting customer support

You can also change your ticket by calling our customer support 0100 3232 (cost 0,06 €/min + lnc/mcc), or by visiting our ticket office at Helsinki or Tampere station.

Price differences in tickets

If you change your ticket to a more expensive train service, you need to pay the difference when you make the change. The difference is not refunded as a monetary or price refund when changing to a less expensive train service.

Right to change to a commuter train

Depending on the route, your journey may include a change to a commuter train in the capital region. The validity period for commuter train travel is 80 minutes before or after your trip on our long-distance train.

Add cancellation insurance to trip

Peace of mind for your travel plans

Change of plans? If you purchase cancellation insurance for your long-distance train ticket, the price of the ticket will be compensated in full if you are not able to travel for any reason.

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Continue your trip with local transport

From the VR matkalla app

You can purchase tickets for multiple cities' local transport alongside your train tickets from the our app, allowing you to get from door to door in best cases! Pay and save the tickets easily in one app – pretty nifty, right?

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Own compartment or an empty seat next to you

Do you want to travel even more comfortably? Now you can book a 2-, 4- or 6-person cabin for yourself or an empty seat next to you.

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