Train tickets

Saver ticket

The saver ticket is always an affordable ticket for all passengers.

Save by booking your journey in advance

A limited number of saver tickets are sold for each train, so the earlier you buy the more likely you are to get your ticket for the best price. When Saver tickets are sold out, basic tickets will be available.

Affordable train tickets for long-distance traffic

Children, students, pensioners, senior citizens and conscripts are eligible for a discount.

Terms of the offer 12 Oct - 30 Nov

Tickets on special offer:

  • Saver ticket for Eko Class on long-distance trains

Sales period:

  • 12 Oct–30 Nov 2020

Travel period:

  • 16 Oct–12 Dec 2020

Sales locations:


  • VR Matkalla app

  • Ticket vending machines

  • VR service points

  • VR customer service

The following groups can receive discounts on special offer prices:

Changes and cancellations:

  • You can change your itinerary (departure date and time) prior to departure at station ticket offices or by calling VR's customer care on the phone.

  • Changes to saver tickets are subject to a charge of €5 per change. Changes made via VR's customer care are further subject to a service charge of €1.

  • If your journey includes a change of train, any changes to the itinerary must be made before the first leg begins.

  • Note that the route or direction of travel cannot be changed.

  • If you change your ticket to a more expensive train service, you need to pay the difference when you make the change. The difference is not refunded when changing to a less expensive train service.

  • You can cancel your ticket before departure and receive a refund if you bought cancellation insurance when purchasing the ticket.

Please note:

  • Affordable starting prices are available for all routes, but only a limited number for certain train services.

  • You cannot buy tickets on special offer from website

Information on saver tickets

Ticket for a berth

A limited number of affordable saver tickets are sold for each night train.