We are cancelling some long-distance train services this weekend due to extreme cold weather

The cold conditions and ice across the country have posed challenges to our train fleet this week. In order to ensure that traffic runs as smoothly as possible in the coming days, we will cancel some of the train services for the rest of the week. We will transfer customers who have booked a ticket for the cancelled train services to the next train services or replacement bus connections. If we cannot find a replacement, we will refund the ticket automatically.

If your train has been cancelled and the new booked train service does not fit your schedule, you can change your ticket without the €5 change fee during the weekend through self-service channels or customer service. Alternatively, you can cancel your journey free of charge by applying for compensation for your ticket at

We will cancel about 20 train services per day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to ensure that traffic runs as smoothly as possible over the coming weekend and next week. In normal conditions, we operate about 200 long-distance train services daily. A significant number of the cancellations are between Helsinki and Kupittaa. We will aim to replace cancelled train services between Tampere and Pori and Seinäjoki and Vaasa with buses.

"The freed rolling stock will go in for defrosting and maintenance over the weekend, which will contribute to the smooth operation of train traffic in the coming days. This week, during the severe cold conditions, our train fleet has not been able to defrost properly and additional defrosting and maintenance are now necessary. We deeply apologise for the cancellations of these few train services. However, the measure is necessary to ensure the continuity of traffic as the weather remains so cold,” says Piia Tyynilä, VR’s SVP Long-Distance Trains.

You can check the status of your train at

The cancelled services affect over 10,000 passengers.

"We will transfer the customers of the cancelled trains to the next train services or replacement bus transport. For some customers, we will refund the tickets automatically. The customers we cannot reach can apply for a refund through or by phone," says Tyynilä.

Cancelled train services will appear in trip search on the day before with an “unavailable” status. Please note that there may be other running train services marked as "unavailable" too due to for example change of fleet.

The cancelled services for the weekend will be updated to Train traffic at the moment page, Opens in a new tab during 6 Jan.

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