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Train travel and safety

We have compiled tips for ensuring your train travel is as safe as possible. You find the most current information concerning train travel as well as the most frequently asked questions here.

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See where the trains are running

The Live Train Map service uses data from the GPS tracking of trains and the train movement data of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, which give you the best and most up-to-date information about the movements of trains.

Replacement bus transport

During the period of the track work, we will transport you to your destination by bus. Detailed information about replaced train services are available in the trip search.

Train punctuality


Information about track work

Info about track work and projects

You can see track work locations and schedules and future railway projects on the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s website.

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Track your train

In the VR Matkalla application, you can track your train in real time.

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If your train is delayed by at least 60 minutes, you can claim compensation for the delay.
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What if the train has been replaced by a bus?

Baggage and pets on replacement buses

  • Replacement buses have limited space for baggage.

  • The buses cannot transport bikes.

  • The safety belts on buses may not be suitable for safety seats for children.

  • Pets can travel with their owners on replacement buses.

  • Guide dogs, assistance and hearing dogs may travel free of charge.

Baggage on trains

Services for disabled passengers in disruption situations

  • Due to track work, we occasionally need to replace trains with buses that have no facilities for disabled passengers.

  • If you use a wheelchair and all trains on your day of travel have a replacement bus service, we will arrange transport by accessible taxi for you.

  • We will arrange transport by taxi also if the replacement bus service is unexpected and it has been possible to buy a wheelchair space on the service.

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