Passenger capacity halved on all trains from March 27

Passenger capacity will be halved on all trains from March 27. No changes or cancellations are needed for booked tickets.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency's decision to limit passenger capacities on the HUS area affects all VR's long-distance and commuter trains throughout Finland and is valid through Mar 27- Apr 25. The new limitations do not affect journeys already booked, and passengers don't need to make any changes or cancellations to their tickets. The limitations to capacity will be implemented straight into our online services during week 13 once the technical solution is completed.

The full passenger capacity includes room for passengers who travel standing, and therefore the halved capacity still allows more than half of the seats being occupied on a single train. The average level of occupancy on our long-distance trains is currently low and there is plenty of room on the trains.

The limitations do not apply to cabins and compartments, as they are always booked for private use or a private travel party. Rail car traffic is also ruled outside these limitations.

We recommend travelling outside peak hours

VR's journey volumes have fallen to less than half of last year, so in general there is plenty of space on the trains. However, we ask our customers to travel outside of the morning and afternoon peak hours when possible.

The number of passengers on VR's commuter trains has also decreased significantly, and occupancy is generally less than half of the capacity, except for individual train services. Passengers will not be removed from the train or prevented from boarding. Instead, conductors will direct passengers to a carriage with more room, or another service in areas of frequent traffic, if needed. For commuter and rail car traffic, our conductors monitor passenger numbers and report to Traficom if passenger numbers exceed what is allowed.

We have more than 100 measures in place to improve the health safety of both customers and staff. We have improved the cleaning and everyone on VR's and HSL's trains must wear a mask.

Read more about safe travelling.

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