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Train travel and safety

This is how we ensure your safety.

Your safety is important to us

We will continuously update this website regarding your safety and possible changes to your travelling.

The most frequently asked question

Own compartment or an empty seat next to you

Do you want to travel even more comfortably? Now you can book a 2-, 4- or 6-person cabin for yourself or an empty seat next to you.

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How we make train travel as safe as possible

We try to make train travel as risk-free as possible. By taking this checklist into account, you can help us make our journeys together safer.

5 steps we take to look after you

  1. Clean trains We clean our trains and premises more intensively with disinfecting cleaning products and disinfection equipment. Major stations are equipped with hand sanitiser stations, and hand sanitiser dispensers can be found on our trains.
  2. Safe distance We aim to minimise personal contact with customers and among our personnel. We recommend buying your ticket in advance using our digital sales channels without any need for personal contacts. The ticket offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Järvenpää and Hyvinkää are open. You can contact us by phone and on social media.
  3. More flexibility in train tickets We offer more cheaper single tickets for off-peak train services.

  4. More space Our sales channels use an algorithm that selects seats as far from other passengers as possible.
  5. Healthy on board Our personnel only work when they are healthy.

4 tips for train travel

  1. Getting there together digitally. Buy your ticket safely without contact on your own device and, on the coach map, select a seat surrounded by as much empty space as possible. You must reserve a seat on the train even if you have a multi-ticket. You can also change seats during the journey within the same class, if you wish to do so.
  2. Getting there together at a safe distance. When possible, avoid peak hours and remember to keep a safe distance also when boarding and exiting the train. As far as possible, choose a train outside of peak hours. Weekday mornings, afternoons, Friday evenings and Sundays are peak hours.
  3. Getting there together hygienically. Ensure good hand hygiene and hygienic coughing and sneezing throughout the journey. Also avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces.
  4. Getting there together in good spirits. With cooperation, a positive attitude and care for each other, we can reach our destination safely!

Are face masks obligatory on trains?

Using a face mask on the train is optional. However, we recommend following the THL (Finnish institute for health and welfare) guidelines about using a mask when you are going to a covid-19 test, you have symptoms, or when you know that you have been exposed to the covid-19 virus.

You can buy a Finnish face mask from conductors on long-distance trains. The price of a face mask on the train and at service points is EUR 1.00.

Are restaurant cars open as usually?

The restaurant cars are open daily as usually.

Is it safe to travel by train?

We do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our passengers. We follow the guidelines of THL and other authorities carefully.

All in all, we have taken around a hundred individual measures to promote the safety of train travel in these exceptional circumstances.

Are the trains full?

VR continuously monitors the capacity utilisation rate of train services and adds cars if passenger volumes increase, when possible. If you want to ensure sufficient space on the train, you should avoid travelling during peak times. Weekday mornings, afternoons, Friday evenings and Sundays evenings are peak hours. You can also ensure sufficient space on the train by booking your own cabin or an empty seat next to you.

How can I keep a safe distance on the train?

The train is the most spacious form of public transport. However, it must be admitted that keeping a sufficient safe distance throughout the journey may be challenging in public transport at peak times.

However, we have taken measures to minimise the risk of infections. You can now purchase an empty seat next to you or reserve an entire compartment. In addition, our algorithms always maximise your distance to other passengers.

What are the terms and conditions for ticket cancellations?

We have returned to using the regular terms and conditions for ticket cancellations. Check the terms and conditions for your ticket from the ticket page and read more about the cancellation insurance here.

Can I change my seat during a long distance train trip if there are empty seats available?

When booking your long-distance train ticket, you can already choose a seat in a less crowded area on the seat map. If you wish, you can also move to sit in a less crowded area during the train trip, provided that there are empty seats available in the same travel class. Please note that new passengers may get on the train on each station, so you may need to change your seat again. You can always ask help from the conductor.

Miten VR ohjaa matkustajavirtoja ja varmistaa hygienian asemilla ja junissa?

Oheisessa suunnitelmassa on kuvattu VR:n toiminta ja perusperiaatteita matkustajavirtojen ohjaamisessa ja hygienian varmistamisessa. Toimenpiteiden tavoitteena on ehkäistä Covid 19 -tartuntojen leviämistä sekä varmistaa, että matkustaminen sekä asemilla että junissa säilyy terveysturvallisena.

Suunnitelma matkustajavirtojen ohjaamiseen (PDF)