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Continue your journey on Nysse's public transport

Smoother travel in the Tampere region

You can buy Tampere's Nysse single tickets to go with your journey in the VR Matkalla app. The bought train and Nysse tickets can be easily found in the app. Tickets can be bought together with train journeys arriving in or leaving the Nysse area.

Local public transport tickets can be purchased in the VR Matkalla app.
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Buying and using a Nysse single ticket

Before the journey

  • Choose one of the stations in the Nysse area as your departure or destination station: Tampere, Tesoma, Nokia, Lempäälä, Orivesi, Orivesi Keskusta (Orivesi Centre)
  • Choose the train connection you want and add a further connection on urban public transport
  • Choose the zones you want for your Nysse single ticket and confirm the addition of the ticket to your order
  • Complete the order and pay for your train ticket and Nysse ticket in one go
  • After the payment, you will be able to find your tickets in the app’s Tickets section

During the journey

  • Before boarding a Nysse vehicle, please activate your Nysse single ticket in the app
  • Your Nysse single ticket will become valid immediately after activation and the validity period can be seen in the activated ticket
  • Show the QR code of your activated Nysse ticket to the ticket reader before you start your journey
  • You can find the latest traffic information, timetables and help for route planning in Nysse’s Journey Planner
  • Enjoy smooth travel!

Information about Nysse tickets

  • Nysse single tickets can be bought via the VR Matkalla app for train journeys that start or end in one of the train stations in the Nysse area: Tampere, Tesoma, Nokia, Lempäälä, Orivesi tai Orivesi Keskusta
  • Nysse single tickets can be bought when buying VR's single tickets and booking a journey with multi or holiday ticket.
  • Currently, you can buy Nysse adult single tickets via our VR Matkalla app.
  • The ticket for the onward connection by Nysse must be activated within 24 hours after the train's arrival.
  • When you are buying Nysse single tickets for your travel group, everyone in the group gets the same kind of Nysse ticket.
  • Passengers who use a wheelchair can travel on Nysse public transport without a Nysse ticket.

  • The cost of the Nysse single ticket follows Nysse's ticket pricing. We add a service charge of € 0,30 per passenger to all tickets bought via the VR Matkalla app.
  • Only Nysse's adult single tickets can be purchased from VR Matkalla app.
  • During the night time between 00.00-04.40 Nysse tickets have an additional night fare of 3€. If you are purchasing a Nysse ticket in connection to a train that either arrives or departures from Tampere during night time, the price of the night fare is automatically added to your Nysse ticket price.

Local public transport tickets and cancellations

  • Local public transport single tickets are not covered by cancellation insurance. Local public transport single tickets that have already been bought cannot be cancelled.

Local public transport tickets and changes

  • Purchased local public transport single tickets cannot be changed.
  • If you wish to change your train journey, the local public transport single ticket bought together with the original journey will be transferred to the new train journey.

Do you want to give feedback about the purchase and use of public transport tickets or about your journey on public transport traffic in general? We are happy to receive feedback in order to improve our service further.

You can give feedback to Nysse about the following:

  • General feedback about travelling on Nysse public transport
  • Nysse traffic's timetables and routes
  • Feedback regarding Nysse's public transport vehicles

We constantly want to improve our services and therefore your feedback on the following topics, in particular, is valuable to us:

  • The ticket purchase process or use of the public transport ticket in the VR Matkalla app
  • Failure to buy or use a public transport ticket in the VR Matkalla app

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For smoother and greener travel

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We want to offer our customers an even easier way to travel to their destination using public transport. We are working to improve public transport ticket sales on the basis of customer feedback – this is only the beginning!

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The VR Matkalla app helps you at every stage of your journey. Buy public transport tickets together with your train journey and activate it before use.

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