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Information on compensation

You can claim compensation for train delays, if your luggage was damaged or you incurred damage during your train trip. Read more about the terms for claiming compensation and how to do so.

When can I claim compensation?

Responsibility areas

Responsibilities related to train travel are divided between VR, HSL, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Fintraffic.

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VR and HSL are responsible for trains, services and announcements on trains and for ticket sales. HSL is responsible for the capital region’s internal train traffic.

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Send feedback to FTIA

FTIA is responsible for the railway network, railway network maintenance and platform areas.

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Fintraffic is responsible for platform displays, announcements at stations and traffic control.

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Your opinion is important to us. Let us know how we could make your train journeys even smoother. This will help us develop our operations and improve our services.

We process all feedback and will contact you if you requested a reply concerning your message.
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Do you have questions?

Our personnel will help you on trains and at stations. If you need help or advice before your journey, do not hesitate to contact us.

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