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The nippy long-distance train

The Pendolino was designed in Italy, and it has a recognisable sleek appearance. Pendolino trains are single-deckers. The diverse facilities enable efficient use of travel time, for example, you can work on the train.

The abbreviation for Pendolino trains is S (e.g. in timetables).

Basic facilities

  • Tasty food and drinks from the restaurant car
  • Free wi-fi (VR-junaverkko)
  • Charge your battery – power sockets by each seat
  • Toilets (incl. accessible toilet and child care facilities)
  • Comfortable seating with tray tables, reading lights and adjustable backrests (except for the seats at both ends of the car)
  • Air conditioning

Special facilities

  • Ekstra Class for even more comfortable travel
  • Compartment for 2–6 persons
  • Wheelchair spaces
  • Pendolino trains always feature stairs.
  • The service car can be accessed with a wheelchair lift. Find out more about accessible train travel.
  • Seats for passengers travelling with pets


  • Overhead racks and space for luggage at both ends of the coach
  • Coat rack in the middle of the coach
  • Space for prams
  • Bikes cannot be transported on Pendolino trains

Did you know?

The Pendolino is a high-speed train. They are the result of Italy’s state railway wanting to have trains travel at high speeds on Italy’s winding railway tracks. In Finland, the speed limit for Pendolino trains in passenger service is 220 km/h.

Did you know?

In Finland, the first Pendolino route was Helsinki–Turku. Service started on 27 November 1995.

Pendolino train coach map

Pendolino trains are fixed trainsets (a locomotive and six coaches), so the vehicle order is always the same. You can view the exact train composition and facilities when you are purchasing a train ticket.

Ekstra Class

In this coach type:
  • Refreshment station from which Ekstra Class passengers can pick up coffee, tea or water as a self-service. Newspapers are available for Ekstra Class passengers for the duration of the journey.
  • Power sockets by each seat
  • Coat rack in the middle of the coach
  • Baggage storage spaces at the ends of the coach
  • A compartment for six people

    • Projector + projection screen
    • Fully licensed for pre-ordered refreshments. Order refreshments in advance through group sales.
    • Compartments include baggage storage space

Coach dimensions:
  • The width of the coach’s inner and outer doors is 78 cm
  • Aisle width 61 cm
  • Overhead rack height 36 cm


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