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Business Services

Our services for small and large companies

Glad you're here. This page contains information on our services for businesses. We offer diverse solutions for our contractual customers as well as for new corporate customers.

Hello, contractual customer! You can use the link below to visit our Corporate Online.
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Buying and changing tickets

  • In addition to purchasing your tickets at, you can also call us and we will help you select and purchase a suitable ticket. We are open on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., tel. 0600 199 55, EUR 2/answered call + LNC.
  • Change of plans? Your tickets are saved in the My Tickets section of the website. You can also access ticket receipts there. You can change the tickets in the My Tickets section until one minute before the scheduled departure time of the train. Through the My Tickets section, you can also cancel tickets while logged in.
  • Tickets can be easily distributed immediately after purchase via the link on the ticket.
  • All passengers have the same reference information on their tickets, but you can edit individual passenger reference information up to two hours after purchase through the My Tickets section.
  • The tickets can be paid for by card (both debit and credit) or through internet banking or possible invoicing in accordance with the agreement.
  • If you wish, you can also manage changes and cancellations through our customer support. Customer support contact information available here.

Customer information & invoicing

  • Do you need help with contracts or invoicing? On weekdays, you can reach us by email:
  • In your email, please provide your name, email address, phone number, company name, and possible customer number so that we can process your case quickly.
  • Please note! We have changed our invoicing system, so the appearance of the invoice has become even clearer.

Meetings or quality time on the train

The conference cabin upstairs in the restaurant car on InterCity trains is the perfect choice for your group journey. Ask for more information and book a conference cabin through our group service. Our group service also helps you to book train tickets for a group of over 18 people.

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Diverse tickets for our contractual customers

The main advantage of contractual customers is the flexibility of payment methods.

Corporate ticket

The corporate ticket is our most popular ticket. The flexible ticket change and cancellation conditions allow you to change the time of the journey even 24 hours after the original departure time of the train. With a corporate ticket, you always travel in Ekstra Class.

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Open single ticket

An open single ticket is an excellent choice when the exact date of travel is not yet known. With the ticket, you can freely choose when to travel within a one-month validity period. The ticket can be bought for the Eko or Ekstra Class.

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A multi-ticket is a flexible solution when making the same business trip often. The multi-ticket is not personal and can be used flexibly according to your travel needs. The ticket can be bought for the Eko or Ekstra Class.

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Commuter vouchers

What if your employees commuted by train? Travel between work and home is easy with commuter vouchers provided by the employer. After receiving the vouchers, the employee can buy a personal season ticket at the station service point.

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Why should your company opt for train travel?

We have put together three good reasons for choosing a train. We hope to see you on board soon!

Make your company’s trips carbon neutral

We help your company achieve your environmental goals. About 95% of our passenger train services run on electricity produced from hydropower. Emissions from the remaining train services have been compensated for since late 2019.

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Inexpensive commuting and business travel

Compared to commuting or going on business trips by car, a train is often a less expensive option for your company. In addition, instead of having to drive, your employees can make good use of the time spent travelling.

Tutustu kuluttaja-asiakkaiden hintavertailuun

When travelling by train, no time is wasted

You can choose your own cabin for peaceful working or meetings, have lunch in the restaurant car, or order food to your seat. The Corporate ticket includes the best seats on the train, either in the quiet and spacious Ekstra Class or in the more social upstairs of the restaurant car.

Tutustu lisämukavuuksiin
A woman sits in the Ekstra Class and looks out of the window.

Not yet a contractual customer but planning train trips?

With the company's credit card, you can buy tickets for various needs. Create a new account or add a credit card to your existing account. Buy your tickets here at and forward them by e-mail, if necessary.

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Our services on trains

The train cabins and Ekstra Class offer a peaceful setting for working or holding meetings. The upstairs of the restaurant car provides an excellent environment for relaxing with the team.

Would you like to have your own cabin?

  • InterCity trains have compartments for 2 or 4 people – the compartments’ closing doors, convenient table space and sockets allow you to focus on your work or meeting. You can book a compartment on this website when buying a ticket.
  • Pendolino trains have a compartment for 6 people at the end of Ekstra Class. The compartment has plenty of desk space, sockets, and a spacious seating arrangement. The price of the compartment includes coffee, tea and water at the Ekstra Class self-service station. This compartment can also be booked when buying a ticket.
  • When you are buying a ticket, you can also book an adjacent seat free of charge to get some nice extra space next to you. The empty seat next to your seat is clearly cheaper than a normal ticket.

Silence or chit-chat?

  • The redesigned Ekstra Class on both InterCity and Pendolino trains is a quiet area on the train where you can focus on working or resting. Ekstra is a roomy, first-class space that provides you with a peaceful and luxurious setting for your trip.
  • If you want to spend more relaxed moments together with your work group, we recommend the upstairs of the restaurant car; here, you and your party can spend your trip in a spacious setting and enjoy purchases from the restaurant car at your seats.
  • The corporate ticket includes a seat in Ekstra Class or in the upstairs of the restaurant car, according to your choice.
  • There is also a 12-person conference cabin in the upstairs of the restaurant car, which is perfect for teams and meetings. The door of the conference cabin can be locked, and a screen and other equipment needed for presentations are available in the cabin. You can also pre-order food and drinks to the conference cabin. You can reserve the conference cabin through our Group Sales.

Information about the corporate ticket

This ticket type was previously on sale and only available for our corporate customers.

Information on the multi-tickets

Select a multi-ticket if you travel the same route regularly. With a 10- or 30-trip multi-ticket, you can travel on all trains on the route marked on the ticket, in both directions.

Information on the open single ticket

An open single ticket gives you freedom to plan your trip, since it is valid for 1 month from the purchase date.

Information about VR’s commuter vouchers

As an employer, you may cover all or part of your employee's employer-subsidized public transport tickets' cost with a commuter voucher that you have purchased for them.