Single commuter tickets

A one-way train ticket for VR’s commuter trains

VR’s commuter services area

VR’s commuter services area includes all such travel towards Lahti and Tampere for which no seat reservations are possible. Please note that when your entire journey takes place in the internal public transport of the capital region, you need a ticket for the HSL area.

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Tickets are valid for 2 hours

Single commuter tickets are valid for 120 minutes for a one-way journey on the route printed on the ticket. Validity starts from the scheduled departure time of the train.

Price of single tickets for commuter traffic

The price of single tickets for commuter traffic is determined based on the selected route and is always the same for the selected route.

Helsinki - Järvenpää

Single ticket for commuter traffic
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Lahti - Helsinki Airport

Single ticket for commuter traffic
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Riihimäki - Helsinki

Single ticket for commuter traffic
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Information on single commuter tickets

Are you travelling in the HSL area or in VR’s commuter traffic area?

The commuter traffic area in the capital region and the neighbouring municipalities is divided into the HSL area, operated by Helsinki Region Transport, and VR’s commuter traffic area.

Discounts on tickets

Students, pensioners, children, conscripts and persons undergoing non-military service get a discount on single tickets for commuter traffic.

Discounts on tickets

Free of charge with prams

In commuter traffic, you may travel for free when you are travelling with a child between 0 and 6 years in a pram or pushchair.

Multi-tickets and season tickets

Do you travel by train regularly? You can buy multi-tickets and season tickets for commuter trains.

Continue your trip with local transport

From the VR matkalla app

You can purchase tickets for multiple cities' local transport alongside your train tickets from the our app, allowing you to get from door to door in best cases! Pay and save the tickets easily in one app – pretty nifty, right?

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Commuter trains have no ticket sales

Commuter trains have no ticket sales, so don’t forget to buy a ticket before boarding. Train staff has the right to remove from trains any persons travelling without a ticket.

Ticket inspections in night traffic

At the Helsinki Central Railway Station, tickets of all passengers are checked in night traffic on weekends and on the eve of public holidays. Tickets are inspected at the gate already before boarding the train. Night traffic starts at 10 p.m.